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Who Needs Tummy Control?

Hands up who would like to slim and control their tummy bulges? I know I would like to, it is one of my body bug-bears. No matter how slim I am, my tummy always has a bit of a roll that I would love to love, but I can't!

Tummy Control Shapewear

Every single piece of shapewear we sell will slim your tummy. It is the nature of shapewear - all of it covers the tummy area and so of course it will slim it.

However, there are several pieces of shapewear that I REALLY recommend if you are wanting to achieve as flat a tummy as possible.

The Best Spanx For Tummy Control

Anything from the Spanx Oncore Shapewear collection is bang on the money for tummy control! It is all EXTRA FIRM in control and all of the garments have STRONG tummy control. They are also all high waisted in style, so they not only slim your tummy, they slim and pull in your waist. This helps to create the smoothest line under your clothes - no bulging over your waistband! The bestest of the best in this collection for me is the Spanx Oncore Open Bust Shapewear Bodysuit. It gives you a "table top flat stomach", which I think we would all like to have!

Spanx Oncore Open Bust Shapewear Bodysuit - Best Tummy Control Shapewear   

THE Best Tummy Shaper In The World!

The Esbelt Waist Cincher will completely change the SHAPE of your tummy. It will give you an almost WASHBOARD FLAT tummy! It isn't for everyone as it is SO STRONG in control. But, if you are wanting to completely transform your figure, then you must give it a go. It will take INCHES OFF your waist and flatten out your tummy, and make you look so much SLIMMER!

Esbelt Waist Cincher - The Best Shapewear For Tummy Control

The Best Control Pants For Tummy Control

Lots of people are just looking for a pair of normal knickers with a good bit of tummy control hidden in them. We sell a super range of these - there are quite a few to choose from, it just depends on what fabric you prefer. We have sleek ones, lace ones, everyday cotton ones. They won't completely change your shape, but they will flatten out your belly bulges and make you look firmer and slimmer in your clothes.

The ones I like best are the Miraclesuit Comfort Leg Waistline Slimming Briefs. They are EXTRA FIRM in tummy control and are designed to give a zero VPL look.

 Miraclesuit Comfort Leg Extra Firm Control Waistline Slimming Briefs - Best Tummy Control Pants 

 The Best Thong Shapewear For Tummy Control

If you are just wanting to focus your shapewear on tummy control, thong shapewear is a great option. These are neat and very discreet pieces of shapewear that you can wear under the tightest of clothes without it showing through.

 Spanx Undietectable Lace Slimming Thong - Best Tummy Control Thong

Classic Tummy Control Shapewear

If you are in any doubt about which shapewear to choose, I ALWAYS recommend you try the Spanx Higher Power Shorts. These are such a classic piece of shapewear that work so well. They will slim your hips, thighs, bottom, tummy AND waist. They are FIRM in control and will suck in and firm up any tummy bulges.

Spanx Higher Power Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts - Best Tummy Control Shapewear

Best Tummy Control Shapewear For Low Backed Dresses

The final piece of shapewear I HAVE to mention is the Spanx Shape My Day Slimming Girl Shorts. These are brilliant at slimming your tummy. I recommend them to so many brides who need a low waisted shaper with lots of slimming control. They work under so many outfits - they are seamless with laser cut edges, so they will lie completely flat and invisible under even the most trickiest of outfits.

Spanx Shape My Day Slimming Girl Shorts - Best Tummy Control Shapewear For Low Backed Dresses

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