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Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Short - SPX 163


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All About The Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Short

Shapewear for pregnant women? What on earth are Spanx thinking?

Actually, they are being quite helpful and wise. This isn’t anything to do with minimising or hiding your gorgeous baby bumps. It’s all about supporting them. And giving us pregnant women a bit of help and confidence in our growing bodies.

The Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Short is a mid thigh, high waisted body shaper. A bit like a pair of cycling shorts but with a really high waist. And a special “bag” at the front for your baby belly to sit in and grow.

  • MEDIUM shaping control
  • The only areas the Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Short shapes are the hips, thighs and bottom. It DOES NOT HIDE your bump, rather, it cradles and supports it – which is often a god send later on in pregnancy when your bump can really start to ache. The shaper also gives a nice amount of lower back support.
  • The shaper is made from really soft, stretchy and breathable hosiery type fabric. The “bag” for your baby bump is made from very fine, silky material that won’t rub or irritate your skin.
  • The waistband on the shaper sits at the top of your bump, just under your bust. It is soft and stretchy and won’t dig in.
  • The legs are made from soft hosiery fabric and don’t have any binding or hem where they finish on the thighs. This means they won’t dig in or create bulging where they finish.
  • There are seams around the body shaper where the “bag” is joined to it. They are pretty discreet though and shouldn’t show through much maternity clothing!
  • The gusset is quite a big, thick, strong one (sooo important when you are pregnant). It is made from cotton, so you can wear the shaper in place of your own knickers. It is non-opening so you do need to pull the shaper down to use the loo.

Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Short Size Chart

The Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper comes in Spanx sizes A - D. This approximately equates to UK dress sizes 10 - 18 but this does vary according to your height.

Please choose your Spanx Power Mama size according to your pre-pregnancy weight and height.

Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Size Chart

Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper Short Fabric Content & Care

81% Nylon, 19% LYCRA® Spandex/Elastane. Cotton Gusset.

Hand wash in warm water. Line dry. Do not iron or bleach.

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