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All About The Secret Weapons Heart-Shaped Bra Clips Bra Transformers

Problem: Don’t you hate it when your bra straps start slipping down your shoulders? With certain bras, I’m always hoiking the shoulder straps back up. It is a real bug bear of mine. Sometimes it is the fault of your top - the shoulders sit too high and your bra straps can't help but show.

Solution: use a Secret Weapons Heart-Shaped Bra Clip Bra Transformer to transform your bra into a racer back style. Hey presto - no bra straps on show!

The Secret Weapons Bra Clip is a cleverly shaped piece of plastic designed to loop around the two shoulder straps of your bra. It pulls them together, transforming your bra into a racer back style. This securely holds your bra straps in place and they won’t slip down your shoulders again.

By pulling your bra straps back, you also get the added benefit of creating a deeper cleavage with a bit more oomph and support!

  • You get 3 bra clips in each packet. 1 in a clear plastic, 1 in a natural/nude colour and 1 in black.
  • These are heart shaped - just because they look lovely!
  • The bra clips are 46mm in diameter
  • The bra clips work on any bra with 2 shoulder straps. This can be a front fastening or a back fastening bra.
  • To put it on you need to hold your 2 bra straps together at the back. Slide the clip on slide down into place. The bra clip should lie flat on your back - so no one will know you are wearing one!


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