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miraclesuit inches off boned waist cincher review 2615

Miraclesuit Inches Off Boned Waist Cincher - The Details

Brand: Miraclesuit (Classic Inches Off Collection)
Retail Price: £34.95
Slimming Strength: Extra Firm Control
Style #: Miraclesuit 2615

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Miraclesuit Inches Off Boned Waist Cincher Review

For a waist cincher (which kind of remind me of some sort of old fashioned granny thing) the Miraclesuit Inches Off Boned Waist Cincher looks quite pretty. The material looks normal and is lovely and smooth and the boning is quite flexible so it doesn’t feel too much like being moulded into a vamp! It has a shorter body than other waist cinchers, so it is suitable for shorter torsos.

The Miraclesuit Inches Off Waist Cincher comes on a plastic hanger with no outer packaging. The medium waist cincher measures 11 inches from top to bottom, and 12 inches down the side seams. It is made from very strong, double layered fabric which gives it extra firm control. The front panel has 2 bones in it that are hidden in the fabric. The fastenings go down the front centre.

miraclesuit waist cincher review front view


It is basically a long stretch of very strong material with fastenings on either end. End to end the medium waist cincher measures 26 inches along the top and 24 inches along the middle. These measurements are unstretched though – the medium size will stretch to fit waists measurement 27/28 inches, so it will slim your waist by 1-2 inches.

miraclesuit waist cincher review outer layer

The photo below shows the boning in more detail. It is taken from the outer layer, so this is what you will see. 5 of the bones are completely invisible from the outer layer but the 2 that go down your sides have stitching. This is very flat but may show through some fabrics.

miraclesuit waist cincher review boning

The boning is easier to see from the inside – there are 7 bones in total all sewn into the fabric. The bones are bendy and so flex to fit your body shape.

miraclesuit waist cincher review inner lining boned

The waist cincher fastens down the front center with a row of 15 hooks and eyes. Once fastened they are covered over by the fabric, but this is slightly raised and may show through some clothing.

miraclesuit waist cincher review hook and eye fastening

The waistband is 0.5 inches wide and is flat sewn. It is quite elastic so should grip and hold the waist cincher in place around your rib cage.

miraclesuit waist cincher review waist band

The hem that sits around your hips is slightly wobbly. This gives it a good fit. It is 0.5 inches wide and very stretchy, so it should mold to fit your body and stay in place.

miraclesuit waist cincher review hem

The back of the waist cincher is slightly longer than the front (the medium measures 11.75 inches) and is completely seamless. It is boned in 3 places but these cannot be seen.

miraclesuit waist cincher review back view

Pros: What I Like About The Miraclesuit Waist Cincher.

  • It looks less scary than other waist cinchers.
  • The fabric is nice and smooth and sort of bouncy.
  • It doesn’t have any seams down the back.
  • The hooks and eyes are nice and firm and allow you to really pull on it to do it up.
  • The boning is sort of flexible, strong and doesn’t dig in.
  • It isn’t too long in the body (for shorter people!).
  • There are 4 sort of patches or areas of fabric down the sides which give a really nice fit. I think it helps to stop the cincher from rolling up or down.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About The Miraclesuit Waist Cincher.

  • The body of it is quite a bit shorter than other waist cinchers. I think I could have done with it being a few inches longer, but then I am quite tall at 5ft 9ish.
  • The seams down the sides are quite bulky and could show through a lot of fabrics.
  • There is only one set of hooks and eyes down the front. Quite a lot of other waist cinchers have two sets which allow you to pull them in tight or tighter. Being used to this only having the one set was a bit disappointing.

Miraclesuit Inches Off Boned Waist Cincher Size Chart

This Miraclesuit Waist Cincher comes in sizes Medium (UK12) to 2XLarge (UK18).

Miraclesuit Inches Off Boned Waist Cincher Size Chart

How To Put On The Miraclesuit Waist Cincher

We suggest that you first of all put on your bra and knickers. Open up the hooks and eyes and wrap the waist cincher around your middle. I find it easiest to get the bottom hem in the right place – so that it sits over any bulgy bits you are wanting to hide. Now start doing up the hooks and eyes from the top. These may need a bit of yanking to get them to fasten. Do remember that the waist cincher should fit very tightly in order to “cinch” in your waist. A friend of mine puts hers on lying down!

Wiggle and jiggle around the room to make sure the waist cincher is sitting perfectly in place.

Now get dressed x

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November 07, 2016 by The Magic Knicker Shop

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