Welcome to The Magic Knicker Shop!

We are a family run business which we run from sunny Cornwall. We have been selling shapewear for over 15 years and we like to think we know pretty much everything there is to know about shapewear!

If It Has To Do With Shapewear We Can Help

Hopefully you are here because you…

  1. need help choosing shapewear.
  2. are baffled by the endless choice and variety of shapewear out there.
  3. are annoyed that most websites selling the stuff all churn out the same marketing “speak” that doesn’t actually say very much (it’s not just me is it?).
  4. don’t understand the sizing guides.
  5. don’t understand why 2 seemingly identical pairs of knickers cost different prices.
  6. don’t believe or like the airbrushed photos of size nothing young models.

If this is why you are here, HURRAY! You have come to the right place.

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How The Magic Knicker Shop Will Help You

  1. We have a HUGE amount of shapewear on the website. You can search using loads of filters, such as style, brand, size, colour and slimming strength. This should narrow your search down to a few pieces that should work for you.
  2. We are working on reviewing every item on my website. We will write about the shapewear in great detail, pointing out all the bits that you need to know about (that are usually glossed over everywhere else). We will also take a ton of photos, showing you the shapewear is superb detail.
  3. You can ask us for help (shapewear related only please!). We will need details about your figure – UK dress size, waist, hip and bust measurements, height and weight. It also helps to have details about your outfit – strapless, tight, silk fabric etc. We will come back to you with recommendations.


The Magic Knicker Shop is a trading name of Miranda Enterprises Ltd.

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