All About Thong Shapewear

Now, if you are not a thong wearer, move along to another page – pants and briefs, maybe? You have to be a thong fan to wear a shapewear control thong.

  • Low waisted or high waisted? Most control thongs are high waisted, so they will slim both your belly and waistline. Low waisted ones just slim your belly. However, low waisted may work better with your outfit – you might not want anything coming up above your waistband in case it is on view.
  • Thong shapewear bodysuits. Thong shapewear bodysuits are AMAZING bodysuits. They combine the slimming power of a normal bodysuit - especially around the tummy and waistline - with the discreetness of a thong.
  • Cotton all the way. For comfort and hygiene reasons always go for a cotton gusset.
  • These will not perform miracles. No matter how well made these are, there is only a certain amount of slimming strength you can get from such a tiny garment. Don’t go for a shapewear thong if you have lots to pack into it, please go for something a bit more all encompassing and forgiving.

Our Best Tummy Control Thong

Our best tummy control thong is the Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer High Waisted Control Thong. It is EXTRA FIRM in slimming control and really helps to flatten your tummy and smooth your waist. It really helps to get too tight waistbands to fit more easily too.

Our Best High Waisted Shapewear Thong

The award for our best high waisted shapewear thong goes again to the Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer High Waisted Control Thong. It has a high waist that comes up and over your waistline, ending just under your bust (depending on your height). It really helps to slim your tummy and waistline which creates a wonderfully smooth line under your clothes.

Our Most Tiny & Most Discreet Shapewear Thong

Our most tiny & most discreet shapewear thong is the Secret Weapons Nudi-G Invisible G-String Slimming Thong. It is TINY but oh so effective. It will firm up those small belly bulges whilst remaining completely invisible under even the tightest of trousers.