All About Esbelt Shapewear

Esbelt is one of the dark horses of shapewear. Esbelt is a Brazilian company that also goes by the name Squeem in the United States. They don’t get all the media attention that a brand like Spanx gets, but they have a really large and loyal following, especially in the UK.

Esbelt waist cinchers are used by so many stylists as they completely transform your figure.They have been used by contestants on the X-Factor (goodness knows how they managed to still sing!) and Gok Wan on this TV show How To Look Good Naked. They have also recently been raved about on This Morning, when stylist Faye Sawyer called it her “plastic surgery” corset, and said she has used it on all sorts of celebrities, including men (naming no names!). I am dying to know who wears them celebrity wise, you hear about loads of celebs wearing Spanx but everyone seems all hush hush about wearing Esbelt!

Why Should I Choose Esbelt?

If you are straight up and down with no defined waist (like me), an Esbelt Waist Cincher will completely change that. It will pull you in around your waist REALLY TIGHTLY and make a waist for you. It will also flatten your tummy bulges and make you stand up beautifully straight. It is surprising how just standing up straight makes you look so much slimmer!

Which Is The Best Esbelt Shapewear To Choose?

As always, the best shapewear differs from person to person. However, I never hesitate to recommend the Esbelt Waist Cincher ES404.

It is such a good piece of shapewear that gives outstanding results. The only people I don't recommend it to is those who are very short in the body (go for the Esbelt Waist Trainer instead as it is much shorter lengthwise). And those people looking for comfortable shapewear (choose Spanx or Miraclesuit instead).

So Is Esbelt Really Uncomfortable To Wear?

Esbelt shapewear, especially the waist cinchers aren't the most comfortable of garments to wear. They are designed to make a big difference to your figure, so they fit REALLY TIGHTLY. They are boned too (which gives them super strength) and are made from rubber latex (but lined with cotton). So no, they are not the most comfortable of things to wear. However, for some people they don't mind as they get the look they are wanting - i.e. a much smaller waist and flatter stomach.

My Personal Experience Of Wearing Esbelt

I often wear an Esbelt Waist Cincher. Not only from a looking good point of view (I really have very little obvious natural waist curves), but also from a back support point of view. I wear it when my back "goes". Which sadly is getting ever more frequent since having children and getting older. It provides a huge amount of back support and puts me back in the right place.

What Is The Other Esbelt Shapewear Like?

I'm going to be really honest here, Esbelt do a range of knickers, bodysuits and thongs that are a bit weird. I think the issue is the fabric - it has a very high rubber/latex content. This makes their shapewear SUPER STRONG, but a bit weird to wear. For some people, it really works and they adore it. But for others, it is a step too far and they don't really want to be wearing a rubber thong!

However, if you are wanting shapewear that will completely hold you in, stronger than Spanx or Miraclesuit, give some Esbelt Shapewear a go.

We sell a lot of the Esbelt Shapewear Thongs and do get excellent feedback on them. They give the strongest tummy control - as you would expect from a latex fabric!

As always, if you are unsure what shapewear is right for you please do get in touch. Let us know your shapewear questions and queries and we will get back to you really quickly with our recommendations.

Happy Shapewear Shopping x