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(Body Smoothers, Slimmy Skirts, Body Tubes)

All About Shapewear Slips

Shapewear slips are a fab idea to help your outer wear skirts and dresses look and fit far better. They tend to be quite tight fitting and act as a sort of underpinning, helping your own clothes to hang nicely over your tamed bulges.

There are 4 main styles of shapewear slips:

  1. The skirt style slip. This is a tube of stretchy fabric which you step in to. Most of the skirt style slips are high waisted, so they come up over your waistline. However, there are a couple that come just to your waistline too.
  2. The body tube slip. Again this is a tube of stretchy fabric but this style comes up over your bust.
  3. The strappy dress slip. This style looks more like a traditional slip. It has shoulder straps and covers your bust (with varying levels of bust support). The fit tends to be looser than the other styles of slips.
  4. The wyob dress slip (wyob = wear your own bra). This style has a scooped out section for your bust, so you can wear it with (or without) your own bra. This style has shoulder straps and usually covers up your bra at the back.

How To Choose A Shapewear Slip?

There are several things to think about when choosing a shapewear slip or skirt:

  • The length of your skirt or dress. Shapewear slips and skirts usually sit around mid thigh level (give or take, depending on how long your thighs are!). I wouldn’t recommend these if you are wearing a very short skirt or dress as there is a good chance it will peep underneath the bottom and give the game away!
  • Shoulder straps. If your dress or top is strapless then choose either a tube style shapewear slip or a high waisted slimming skirt. Both of these work with strapless outfits and can be worn with (or without!) a strapless bra.
  • Your bust. Do you need to wear a bra with it? If you are over a C/D cup then YES YOU DO. I’ve yet to find a really good shapewear slip that gives good boob support over a size C. Comments to me please if you know of one! There are some really good shapewear slips that have a scooped out section at the front that accommodate the girls and their bra nicely. You get all the lovely slimming effect of the slip without compromising on bust shape.
  • The fabric. Make sure you get fabric with anti-static properties as your outfit will look disastrous if your clothes just cling to the slip. Most shapewear slips are made from really good, light weight, breathable, anti-static fabric, but some of the cheapies are made from awful stuff!