All About Bum Boosting Shapewear

Bum Boosting Shapewear is shapewear designed to emphasize your lovely bottom. You can either go for the full on Kim Kardashian effect with a pair of PADDED PANTS which makes your bum BIGGER, or go for the slightly more subtle, but equally amazing "Push Up Bra For Your Bottom" shapewear, which lifts, shapes and generally gives your bum an amazing, perky shape.

Bum Boosting Shapewear Will...

  • draw attention to your lovely bottom!
  • make it look bigger, rounder, lifted and more gorgeously perky.
  • be really easy to put on - you won't have trouble with this style of shapewear
  • be very discreet. Even the padded pants will feel natural to the touch.
  • be easy to wear for long periods of time. In fact, the padded pants actually make life even more comfortable (think sitting down on a hard pew in church at a wedding!)
  • make your jeans and trousers look FABULOUS.

Bum Boosting Shapewear Won't...

  • take inches off your figure. This is focusing on SHAPING rather than slimming (with the one exception of the Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer Butt Lifter with EXTRA FIRM slimming control on the thighs and tummy!)
  • make your bum look smaller. Go for shapewear with firm, extra firm or maximum control if you are wanting to hide your bum.