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(Control Briefs, Panties, Knickers)

Control pants are possibly the most useful style of shapewear out there. They are big enough to envelope quite a lot of bulging, but small enough to sit neatly under most outfits. If you are wearing very short skirts and dresses these are a much better alternative to magic knickers (body shaper shorts).

Control pants are called all sorts of different things which can be a bit confusing. Control briefs, slimming panty, panties, briefs, knickers, to name but a few. I’ve gone for control pants as that seems to be the most used term. They basically look like normal shaped knickers with a mid to high leg and are either high waisted or low waisted.

Some things to consider when choosing a pair of control pants:

  • Bottom shaping. Some control pants can sort of squash your bum, giving it an odd, globular shape. To sort this out, lots of brands now make their control pants with added bottom shaping. I really do like this as it gives your bum a much more defined look. They do tend to be a bit more expensive, but if you can afford it I would go for bum shaping any day.
  • Open or closed gusset. I think that to date, all of the control pants I have found have closed gussets. This may make it tricky to use the loo when wearing the high waisted ones. Just something to bear in mind.
  • Cotton gusset. As always, try to go for one with a cotton gusset – much more hygienic and comfortable.
  • Knicker leg edges. Ok, these are my main bug bear with control pants. Try as they might to make them flat, lots of the ones I have tried have seams and edging round the knicker legs that dig in on my play doh thighs and give me VPL. If you suffer lots from VPL (I seem to get it even when going commando!) don’t go for control pants. Change your outfit and go for a pair of magic knickers (body shaper shorts).