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(WYOB, Open Bust, Freestyle)

All About Wear Your Own Bra Bodysuits

Wear Your Own Bra Bodysuits (also called WYOB, Open Bust or Freestyle) are a really brilliant style of slimming bodysuit. They are especially good if your bust is a bit out of proportion to the rest of your body (i.e. you have a big bust on a small frame, or a small bust on a big frame). For people with figures like this it is very tricky to get shapewear to fit nicely on your body AND your bust.

Wear Your Own Bra style bodysuits have a sort of scooped out section at the front. This is for your bust/bra to sit in. You can wear them with or without your own bra, and your bra can be any style.

You basically leave your bust measurements out of any shapewear fitting and just concentrate on getting it to fit the rest of your body perfectly.

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