All About The Different Shapewear Styles


Shapewear thongs are small, so don't expect too much of them. They are EXCELLENT at slimming your tummy, but that is it. The rest of them are just thong underwear, just like a normal thong. We sell very plain, seam-free, edge free one, pretty ones which don't look like shapewear, and high waisted ones, which also slim your waist.

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Shapewear briefs are much more substantial compared to their thong sisters. They all have FULL BOTTOM coverage. They do look more along the lines of a pair of big granny pants, but there are some prettier styles to choose from too. Shapewear briefs come in 2 types - low waisted ones that stop at your waistline, and high waisted ones that slim your waist and end somewhere near your bra line. Avoid shapewear briefs if you are prone to getting VPL but do choose briefs over shorts if you are planning on wearing a very short skirt. No one wants to see a flash of your shapewear on a night out!

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Shapewear shorts are the most popular style of shapewear. They cover all the bits that pretty much everyone wants to slim - the hips, thighs, bottom and tummy. Go for these if you are prone to getting VPL from your normal pants. These will give you a super smooth look. Again, they come in 2 types - low waisted ones that stop at your waistline, and high waisted ones that slim your waist and come up to just under your bra. All low waisted shorts have a non-opening gusset, and lots of high waisted shorts have an opening gusset. Miraclesuit is the exception in the high waisted style - most of their have a closed gusset.

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Shapewear bodysuits come in all shapes and sizes. In the main though, it boils down to do you want a knicker leg or shorts style, and do you want an open bust or a covered bust? Shapewear bodysuits are superb at slimming and smoothing and really are the style of shapewear to choose if you need to pull out all the stops on a fabulous night out!

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Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers are the super stars of shapewear. They are the things that REALLY make a big difference to your figure. They are wide pieces of very strong material (often rubber) with boning that you wrap around your waist. They fit VERY TIGHTLY and really pull you in around the waist. They are not the most comfortable of shapewear and they can show through very light and tight outfits (the boning and hooks and eyes can't really be hidden too well), but under the right outfit they look amazing!

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Shapewear slips are often called body smoothers. This is because they act like an underpinning for your dress and smooth everything out. They don't drastically change your body shape (see waist cinchers above for that!), but they create the most smoothest line possible under your dress. This makes you look less lumpy and bumpy and helps your dress to hang really elegantly.

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Oh my word. I love shapewear leggings. So so very much. I have a pair of Spanx leggings that I wear far too often. They suck everything in, firm up my thunder thighs and let me just get on with my day. Yes, leggings aren't the most fashionable of garments, but if like me you wear them regularly anyway, shapewear leggings with make you very happy!

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We used to sell loads of shapewear tights. And we used to get a lot of complaints about them. The problem is, if you ladder a pair of normal tights, you get just a new pair. But shapewear tights are expensive. And if you ladder them, you are left with a top bit that is a really good shaper, and a pair of laddered tights. I recommend people to not buy shapewear tights. Instead, buy a pair of nice quality tights AND a pair of Spanx Power Panties or Spanx Higher Power. Stick them on underneath your tights (so you don't get a ridge on your thighs) and you are good to go.

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Outfit Tricks

We sell lots of little bits and bobs to help adapt your outfit. From bra converters to stick on bras, these little outfit tricks will help to make your outfit really work.

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Maternity shapewear what are you on, I hear you cry? Stop right there, this stuff is wonderful. It isn't about squashing or hiding your beautiful bump, it is about cradling it and supporting it. If you have ever been pregnant, you will know how achy your bump can get. A little bit of support REALLY goes a long way. In addition, our maternity shapewear will help to firm up your wobbly hips, thighs, and bottom.

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There are so many shapewear styles to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, it is easy to narrow it down to the one that is right for you.

1. Think about which areas of your body you REALLY want to slim. Ignore your tummy for the moment as ALL shapewear slims your tummy.

2. Now think about what outfits you are planning on wearing your shapewear underneath. Often people choose shapewear for a special occasion where they are planning on wearing a specific outfit.

Shapewear Styles For Strapless Dresses And Tops

High Waisted Shapewear is great for strapless dresses and tops. It comes up to just under your bust and so you can wear it with or without a bra. It will slim all of your torso and should create and much slimmer, smoother line under your clothes.

Shapewear Styles For Dresses That Have Shoulder Straps

Shapewear Styles For Low Backed Dresses

Low backed dresses are trickier when it comes to shapewear. You can't have shapewear that slims your belly and waist at the front which doesn't cover your back too. This means you are limited to low waisted shapewear. Go for low waisted styles with no harsh waistbands and firm slimming control. These will make a lovely difference to your tummy, hips, thighs and bottom, whilst remaining hidden from view on your back.

Shapewear Styles For Really Short Skirts

The last thing you want on a super night out is to flash your shapewear. This is always possible if you are wearing very short skirts and dresses! Stop this from happening by wearing shapewear with a knicker leg.

Shapewear Styles To Wear Under Very Tight Tops

If you are planning on wearing a really tight top that shows everything through, you need something that will smooth out your back area. There is a superb bodysuit style that does this beautifully.

Shapewear Styles That Work Under Super Tight Trousers

Let's face it, some trousers just require you to wear a thong under them. There is no other alternative, knickers will show. Thong shapewear is one of our hugely unexpected big sellers. Lots of people want to wear a thong but ALSO slim their tummy. Thong shapewear will ONLY slim your tummy, so don't expect anything else from it. But it will remain beautifully discreet like a normal thong, under your unforgiving trousers.

Shapewear To Wear Under Bodycon Dresses

Yikes, bodycon dresses scare me. They show EVERYTHING up and need something ultra smooth to go under them. You need to choose SEAMLESS shapewear, shapewear with no straps, no defined edges and no hooks or zips. The one that I always recommend for strapless bodycon dresses is the Trinny and Susannah High Waisted Skirt. It just works perfectly. Nothing else compares!

Shapewear Styles That Work With Lots Of Outfits

Not Sure Which Shapewear Style To Choose?

As always, if you are unsure which shapewear style to choose, just get in touch with me. Give me lots of detail about your figure and any outfits you need to wear with it. I will give you lots of friendly, helpful advice x