Plus Size Shapewear

What is plus size shapewear?

Plus size shapewear is shapewear that fits a UK dress size 20 and over. Most brands make their main collections for sizes 10 - 18, so if you fit into those sizes you will have a lot to choose from.

Plus size shapewear is harder to get right than you might think. Many brands make their main collections for the middle sizes market (10 to 16) and then size the patterns up. This doesn't always work well.

The 3 main brands I always recommend to people wanting plus size shapewear are Miraclesuit (especially their plus size range), Trinny and Susannah (who do some really good stuff in size 20+). And the most fabulous of them all for plus sizes, Esbelt, who make waist cinchers that fit up to a UK dress size 28 and make a fabulous difference to fuller figures.

As always, I recommend you choose shapewear in the size you are right now, not the size you would like to be. Otherwise your shapewear will be at best uncomfortable and at worst, it will make you look lumpy and will probably roll down.

If you need a hand choosing shapewear do get in touch with me. Please provide as much info as possible about your measurements, normal UK dress size and any details about your outfit (such as strapless, short skirt or anything tricky about it).