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All About Maternity Shapewear

Until I got pregnant I would never have believed there was a need for maternity shapewear. I naively thought that when you were pregnant you should just go with the flow and let your body do its thing. However, once pregnant, my thighs and bottom suddenly took on a wobbly life of their very own. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than proud of my baby bump. But the wobble just had to stop.

Maternity shapewear WON’T slim or compress your bump. The maternity shapewear we sell all “contains” your bump in a sort of bag. This allows the shapewear to grow with your bump, meaning it will fit you for your entire pregnancy. The bag does provide some support though, which, when you are 30 odd weeks pregnant is a very welcome thing.

Maternity shapewear WILL slim and firm your hips, thighs and bottom, and will give you a fair bit of lower back support.

Mama Spanx Maternity Shapewear

Is It Safe To Wear Mama Spanx Maternity Shapewear?

Most doctors and midwives say no to wearing traditional shapewear during pregnancy (although many a celeb has ignored this to try to disguise the fact they are pregnant!). It is common sense that to press and squash your growing belly probably isn’t a good thing and I personally would never wear normal shapewear for any significant length of time whilst pregnant.

However, Spanx maternity shapewear doesn’t squash, flatten or disguise your baby belly. Both the shaper and the tights have a sort of bag (for want of a better description) that covers your belly and will expand as you grow. The bigger you get the more supportive it will be. They will give you similar support as something like a bump band does – brilliant when you get really big! They also give you quite a bit of lower back support which can get really achy and sore during pregnancy.

What Mama Spanx does do is slim and firm up your hips, thighs and bottom. Yay! When I fell pregnant with my little girl, one of the first things that seemed to “go” was my thighs. I normally have reasonably slim thighs but OMG they chunked up so quickly and went all wobbly. By week 20 (I remember looking at them whilst waiting for my scan) I felt they were so bad I looked like I was bursting out of my jeans. From then on I pretty much lived in my Mama Spanx shaper – I loved both the bump & back support and the firming up.

Okay, maternity shapewear isn’t for everyone and will always be a bit of a controversial topic. However, if you are feeling less than confident with your pregnancy body (please believe me that not everyone wants to embrace their new curves) and are looking to tone up your hips, thighs and bum then Mama Spanx may just help you. Mama Spanx is only medium in slimming control but they made a big difference to the way I felt I looked during pregnancy.

How To Choose The Right Size Mama Spanx Maternity Shapewear?

Spanx recommend that you use your PRE-PREGNANCY weight to choose the right size. Please compare your pre-pregnancy weight and your height against the Spanx size chart to pick the right size.

Mama Spanx Maternity Shapewear Size Chart