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(Body Shapers, Magic Knickers, Mid Thigh Shapers)

All About Slimming Shorts

There are 2 main styles of slimming shorts:

1. Low Waisted Slimming Shorts. This looks like a pair of cycling shorts that stop at the waistline. These are great with low rise jeans and trousers.

2. High Waisted Slimming Shorts. They again look like a pair of cycling shorts, but have a very long body. These cover your waistline and stop somewhere under your bra (depending on how tall you are). I love wearing these with clothes where the waistband is too tight on me. It makes them fit properly and feel so much more comfortable!

Slimming Shorts are the most popular style of shapewear. They are basically stretchy cycling shorts with lots of slimming control. They were the first style that I ever came across back in my early shapewear days. At the time they were often called Magic Knickers – a term that I think was made popular by Trinny and Susannah on their tv show What Not To Wear. They are also called mid thigh shapers, body shapers and girl shorts.

Slimming Shorts are my go-to style of shapewear. They work under so many different types of outfit and are very comfortable to wear. They are usually made from fairly light weight fabric, so are good for wearing for long periods of time, or on hot days. I personally prefer the high waisted body shaper style. I have a tendency to carry weight around my middle and therefore tight waistbands are VERY unforgiving to me. I often suffer from the dreaded MUFFIN TOP effect (where you have a roll of flesh that bulges over the top of your waist band). The high waisted body shaper holds that whole area in, giving my a neater waistline and better fitting waistbands.