Why Wear Shapewear?

Shapewear isn't all about trying to make you look tiny and thin. It is about tucking bits in and smoothing things out to create a lovely sleek silhouette for your clothes to hang from. If your clothes fit beautifully, you will look fabulous and feel far more confident in what you are wearing.

Choose Your Shapewear Style


We know the stock images of our shapewear are of women who are pretty damn gorgeous. We don't take the photos, these are done by the brands and apparently most people want these. Give me a holler if you disagree and would prefer some models with a bit more meat on their bones!

Or just contact us if you need our help choosing shapewear :-)

HELP! My Shapewear Won't Stop Rolling Down!!!

Don't panic, we have the solution to your shapewear woes...


Welcome To The Magic Knicker Shop

Shapewear is all about giving you confidence. Confidence in the way you LOOK and the way you FEEL. If you feel you look good in your clothes, your confidence will be boosted. Shapewear is all about getting your clothes to fit you better, hang more elegantly and feel more comfortable. Our shapewear will make you look slimmer, smoother and a little bit more curvy.

Here at The Magic Knicker Shop we sell shapewear a different way. We know that lovely airbrushed brand photos look great, but they don't actually show you the detail. We take LOADS of real photos of our shapewear. We point out all the details that you need to know in order to choose the perfect piece of shapewear for you.

We have been selling (and wearing) shapewear for over 13 years and so really know our shapewear stuff! If you need a hand choosing some, just get in touch. We will give you loads of helpful and friendly advice.

spanx tips and tricks making shapewear work for you

6 Really Good Reasons To Buy Shapewear

1. Shapewear makes the most of the clothes you already have.
2. Shapewear makes too tight clothes much more comfortable to wear.
3. Shapewear helps to smooth out lumps and bumps that otherwise might make you feel self-conscious in tight clothes.
4. Shapewear helps your clothes to hang more elegantly on you.
5. Shapewear is cheaper than buying a whole new outfit!
6. Shapewear gives you CONFIDENCE. We all know that looking and feeling
good in what we are wearing makes us feel so much better!

and why you should by your shapewear from us...

1. Lots of helpful and friendly advice. I have been helping people choose shapewear for nearly 14 years, and so I do know the stuff inside out, so to speak! I also review and photograph the shapewear myself, so you can see exactly what you are buying.
2. I offer FREE UK delivery on all orders. If you need your shapewear to arrive faster though, I do offer that too.
3. I think I give you the best returns deal around. You can hold onto it for 60 days (really useful if you need it for dress fittings), and if you don't think it is right for you, you can send it back to me for a
4. I do accept shapewear back for refunds. There are a few exceptions to this such as tights & sticky backed things, but in the main I accept everything back for an exchange or a refund. Just try your
shapewear on over your own knickers and keep all the branded tags still attached.
5. We are a small, independent, family business. We are a tiny fish in a big pond, battling against the likes of Amazon to survive. Each sale is very much appreciated & makes us do a little dance of joy!