Our Best Selling Waist Cinchers

1. The Esbelt Waist Cincher ES404. This is such a good waist cincher. It is SO VERY STRONG in slimming control and will REALLY pull you in at the waist and flatten your tummy. It isn't the prettiest of waist cinchers, but boy will it make your figure look good in your clothes!

Esbelt Waist Cincher - Best Waist Cinchers

2. The Esbelt Waist Cincher Vest ES431. This is the vest version of the classic Esbelt Waist Cincher. It is the one to choose if you find you bulge over the top of traditional style waist cinchers. It has a high back and high arms with shoulder straps, so it helps to prevent all those bumps and bulges over the top!

Esbelt Waist Cincher Vest - Best Waist Cinchers

3. Miraclesuit Inches Off Waist Cincher #2615. If the strength and latex fabric of the Esbelt Waist Cinchers is off-putting, go for this Miraclesuit waist cincher. It is one slimming level down from the Esbelt, at EXTRA FIRM and so it a little easier to wear. It is made of super strong fabric (no rubber) and so is prettier to look at and less bondage like to wear! It will still do wonders for your waist and tummy though, helping to take inches off!

Miraclesuit Inches Off Waist Cincher - Best Waist Cinchers

4. Esbelt Waist Training Waist Cincher Corset ES062. This Esbelt Waist Cincher is cut a little differently to the others. The boning is angled, rather than vertical and this makes it much easier to move around in. It was originally developed for people to wear whilst working out (a la Kim Kardashian on Instagram!), but it works really well as a waist cincher that you can wear for long periods of time. It is shorter in length too, so really good for more petite frames.

Esbelt Waist Training Waist Cincher Corset - Best Waist Cinchers

5. Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Step In Waist Cincher With Back Magic #2913. This waist cincher is COMPLETELY different again. It has hidden boning at the back but has NO FASTENINGS. This makes it a lot less visible under tight clothing, whilst still making a good difference to your waist and tummy.

Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Step In Waist Cincher - Best Waist Cinchers

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If you are wanting to DRAMATICALLY change your shape with shapewear, then GO FOR A WAIST CINCHER. I love them. I have quite a straight up and down figure, with very little waist definition. However, stick me in a waist cincher and HOLY MOLY I have an AMAZING waist!

There are 3 main styles of waist cincher:

  1. The Front Fastening style waist cincher. This is a wide piece of material (usually boned or made of very strong fabric) that you wrap around your waist and secure down your front with hooks and eyes or a zip.
  2. The Step In or Tube style waist cincher. This is a tube of material that you step into and pull up your body. This has no fastenings.
  3. The Waist Cincher Vest. This is like the wrap around the waist style waist cincher, but with a very high back and shoulder straps. This style is usually designed to be worn with your own bra.

All About Waist Cinchers

The very first waist cincher I saw was the Esbelt Waist Cincher. I was at home with my friend Jenny when it arrived and we both just fell over laughing when we saw it. It looked across between something that your granny might have worn or something that someone of a kinky persuasion might like! After calming down and being more sensible, we both tried it on and va-va-voom, holy moly, wowee, it totally changed our shapes. Now, I’m quite straight up and down figure wise. It is like someone forgot to put the inny bits into my design around my waist. I never thought I would ever go in and out properly until now. Okay, it’s only whilst I’m wearing a waist cincher, but let me have my moment of make believe joy!

Things to consider before buying a waist cincher:

  • Waist cinchers are not particularly comfortable. In order to change your shape so much they need to be super tight and super strong. You will feel trussed up and may walk around like you have a pole up your jacksee!
  • Don’t wear a waist cincher if you need to eat a big meal. There will not be much room for anything once you have it on. On the plus side I wear mine occasionally when I am attempting the 5:2 diet as it really does diminish my appetite!
  • Don’t wear a waist cincher if you are wearing something really fine and flimsy. They are fairly bulky garments and the outline of the boning may show through.
  • Don’t choose a waist cincher made from rubber or latex if you have any sort of allergy to rubber or latex. You will come out in a rash as they fit tight against your skin!
  • Most waist cinchers are extra firm or totally transforming in strength. These are the ones that will change your shape. If a waist cincher is medium or firm in control without boning it will only smooth you out rather than cinch you in.
  • Some waist cinchers are longer than other ones. If you are short in the body you will need to choose carefully. If it is too long in the body for you in will roll up or down on you and look a bit rubbish.

Okay, so I have warned you about the slightly kinky look, the bulkyness, the discomfort. Having said about all these negatives I actually think waist cinchers are amazing. They are the only style of shapewear that totally changes the shape of your body and makes you look tons slimmer!

Alternative names for waist cinchers:

Just to confuse life, waist cinchers are also known as waist clinchers, waist trainers, waist nippers, waspie waists, slimming corsets and waist corsets. They are all basically the same thing!