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Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups - Straps To Stop Your Shapewear Rolling Down!


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All About Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups

Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups are the ingenious yet simple solution to stop your high waisted shapewear from rolling down. They are little straps that loop around your bra and clip onto your high waisted shapewear. They act as strong little anchors that hold everything firmly in place.

  • 3 straps per packet
  • suspender clip at one end (this attaches to your shapewear)
  • loops around the sides and front of your bra
  • doesn't grip or damage your bra in any way
  • adjustable length
  • can be worn with any brand of high waisted shapewear, tights or leggings
  • needs to be worn with a bra (can be strapless)
  • discreet - wear with all the fittings inwards for a smoother look
  • breathes new life into old shapewear

We recommend that you choose your shapewear straps in the colour closest to your bra, rather than your shapewear. This will make them blend in nicely.

Shapewear Hold Ups are basically suspenders for high waisted shapewear, tights or even leggings!

The Straps

Each packed of Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups contains THREE straps, all identical - the same fittings and the same length. You can choose how many you wear - some people only need one at the front, some like 2 at the sides. Most people like all 3 straps as it gives the firmest hold.

The straps loop around your bra and are held in place with a little hook and loop. You can adjust the length of the strap according to the depth of your bra front and sides.

The suspender clip part then hangs from the bottom of your bra ready to be clipped onto your shapewear.

How To Put The Hold-Me-Up Straps On

It is easiest to attach the straps to your bra BEFORE you put your bra on. It is far less fiddly!

  1. Lay your bra out flat.
  2. Hold the strap with the little hook at the top and the suspender clip at the bottom with the plush fabric facing you.
  3. Lay the strap against the front centre of your bra (the bit where there is often a bow). The little hook end should be at the top, the suspender clip at the bottom. The plush fabric should be facing outwards.
  4. Feed the little hook end down BEHIND your bra so the strap is looped around.
  5. Slot the little hook into the small fabric pocket found tucked away in the metal suspender clip.
  6. Adjust the slider to fit the size of your bra neatly.
  7. Repeat with the 2 other straps but on the sides of your bra. Position wise of the 2 side straps is optional. We recommend that you put them so they will be under your arms or inline with any seams or boning. It looks neater this way.
  8. Put your bra and high waisted shapewear on. Make sure your shapewear is positioned correctly, nice and high on your body.
  9. Remove the shapewear stoppers (the little plastic buttons) out of the suspender ends.
  10. Tuck the metal suspender clip INSIDE your shapewear. Try to position it BELOW any chunky waistband material.
  11. Take the shapewear stopper (plastic button) and place it on the outside of your shapewear in the position you want to fasten it. The button side should be facing into your body.
  12. Push on the shapewear stopper to create a sort of lump made up of stopper and shapewear on the inside of your shapewear.
  13. Hook the widest part of the suspender clip over the lump and tug firmly down to hold in tightly in place.
  14. Repeat for the other 2 straps.

Still confused? Check out our video that shows you exactly what to do!

No One Likes Shapewear That Rolls Down

I'm pretty sure that most people who own a piece of high waisted shapewear have experienced the dreaded shapewear roll down. I certainly have - and I wear a lot of high waisted shapewear. It usually happens at the most inappropriate moments too. It's really annoying and can be a bit embarrassing.

For me it usually happens on a night out. I end up making a swift exit to the bathroom to try and put myself back together. This involves hoiking it up, tucking it in. And even once I tried to sellotape it in place!

The end result is I often end up taking the blasted things off, which was not the look I was going for!

So Why Does My Shapewear Roll Down?

There are quite a few reasons why high waisted shapewear rolls down.

  • You haven't put it on correctly. You need to "seat" your bottom into your shapewear which involves putting in on higher than you think you should. If your bum isn't in the right place, the fabric will start to pull and things will move South quite quickly!
  • The waistband is too loose around your rib cage. If the waistband doesn't fit snugly enough, it can't grip on. There will be movement and roll down.
  • The waistband is too tight around your rib cage. If the waistband is too stretched, the natural thing for the fabric to do is move. And again, this causes the whole thing to start rolling down.
  • You have overstretched, over washed or over dried your shapewear. If you haven't treated your shapewear nicely, it will rebel and start to roll down on you. Don't believe the labels that say machine wash and tumble dry. These things are packed pull of elastane and lycra which don't like to be overstretched, rubbed and scrubbed or overheated.

Even if you get a good fit, expecting a piece of fabric to stay put without any help around one of the widest bits of your body is asking for quite a lot! Grippers and anti-slip strips do help a bit.

But maintaining that perfect fit is nigh on impossible. Washing and wearing will change the shape of the waistband. Putting on, losing weight, exercise, back problems and having babies will change the shape of your rib cage. And so your shapewear will roll down!

Making Your Shapewear Work Properly

I invented Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups myself, after years of selling shapewear and wearing shapewear. I became frustrated by how good high waisted shapewear is alongside with how bad it can be!

It seemed like such a shame that so many pieces of shapewear were getting banished to the back of the wardrobe after only a couple of wears. All because they rolled down.

I hope my Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups make you like wearing your high waisted shapewear. And maybe they can breathe new life into some old shapewear loitering at the back of a drawer!

Will The Straps Show Through My Clothes?

We have tried to make the Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups as discreet as possible. You should put them on with all the lumpy bits facing in towards your body. This helps to give a more streamlined look, especially if your clothes are very tight or thin.

Make sure you position the side straps under your arms or inline with a bra bone or seam. This helps to keep everything hush hush.

On some outfits the front strap may show - these things are amazing but they are not magic! If you find this happens, remove this strap and just use the 2 side straps.

How To Use The Loo!!!

Yikes, you are firmly strapped in with no means of escape! Does that mean you need to use the dreaded flappy bits that most shapewear has these days?

No, it is easy peasy to get out of your shapewear. Simply un-stopper each strap, pull your shapewear down and go for it. We do suggest that you put the stoppers back into the suspender ends whilst using the loo - just so you don't lose the little blighters!

Strap Care

When you take your hold-me-ups off, always put the stoppers back into the suspender ends. This will stop you from losing them. They are tiny little things and will easily go AWOL in your knicker drawer!

We recommend that you treat the hold-me-ups gently. Hand wash them or put them in a lingerie bag on a gentle cool wash. Don't tumble dry them, they won't like it!

A Word To The Wise

Also known as a disclaimer.

Our Hold-Me-Ups won't in any way damage your bra. Wear them with your fanciest, laciest, most expensive bra with no problems. There is no clipping or gripping in sight, but fabric looping around your bra.

However, the suspender clips MAY cause some damage to your shapewear.

Putting too much tension on the suspender clips and shapewear fabric may result in puckering, laddering or holes. We haven't experienced this in our tests but it could possibly happen if things are put under too much strain!

We do need to stress that damage to your clothes is UNLIKELY. We do apologise if this does happen but we cannot be held liable for any damage to your shapewear or clothing.




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