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All About Miraclesuit Shapewear

Miraclesuit is an American brand of shapewear which has been on the go for over 80 years. They make superb quality shapewear from lovely, high compression control fabrics. All of their shapewear is EXTRA FIRM in slimming strength and they claim that it will make you look “10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds”!

Miraclesuit use a technique to make their shapewear that they call “cut and sew”. This means that each garment is specifically make to size. They believe this is the only way to get the extra firm control they are so famous for.

Miraclesuit’s years of shapewear know-how have led to developments and innovations like the “Wonderful Edge” lining,  which stops their shapewear from moving around, rolling up or rolling down. It also helps to prevent VPL (visible panty lines).

All of the shapewear in every Miraclesuit range gives extra firm slimming control and all have the tag line “Look 10lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds”

There are currently 6 different collections in the Miraclesuit shapewear range

Miraclesuit Instant Tummy Tuck

Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer

Miraclesuit Shape Away With Back Magic

Miraclesuit Comfort Leg

Miraclesuit Inches Off Classics

Miraclesuit Flexible Fit Plus Size

And Now For Something Different...

Yadda yadda I hear you say. Great marketing talk, we know what the company has to say about itself. But what do you really think.

I think Miraclesuit is a really good brand. It makes solid, very strong shapewear THAT DOESN'T EASILY LADDER (cough cough Spanx). If you have lovely long nails, or wear lots of jewellery you will know how easy it is to put a whole in a pair of tights or Spanx. This doesn't happen with Miraclesuit. Hurrah!

Because the fabric Miraclesuit use is really strong and firm, it isn't the prettiest of shapewear. But that is okay because it does it's job of slimming you and firming you up REALLY WELL!

Miraclesuit Shapewear has seams. And they don't really hide them away. They say the seams give the garments lots of strength. However, it does mean that if you are needing a seamless look in a very tight outfit (yes I'm looking at you catsuit lady), then go for some Spanx. Spanx do very good seamless shapewear.

One thing you do need to know about most Miraclesuit shapewear is that it doesn't have an opening gusset. Their bodysuits do - the old fashioned hook and eye method which is great. But their high waisted shorts don't open. Shock horror, you have to pull them down to use the loo. But come on, it doesn't take THAT much effort does it?

So Which Is The Best Miraclesuit Shapewear To Choose?

As always, my friend, the best is different for person to person. However, there are several Miraclesuit products that I really do think are the dogs proverbials - these are the ones I recommend over and over again. And I don't get many sent back!

Back Boobs Be Gone!

I think the Miraclesuit Body Briefs With Back Magic is so very good. It is extra firm in control and really sucks in everything. The bit I especially rave about it the back section. If you suffer from the dreaded back boobs (you know the bulgy bits that appear around your bra lines), this Miraclesuit Bodysuit is for you. It will give you a wonderfully smooth line under unforgiving tops and dresses.

Miraclesuit Bodysuit

The Best Thong On The Market

Yes, Miraclesuit, in my opinion do THE BEST high waisted slimming thong. Because it is extra firm in control it does wonders to a wobbly belly. It is a really nicely made thong too - no rubber (like Esbelt) and much stronger in control than the Spanx thongs.

Miraclesuit High Waist Thong

The Best Bum Booster Around

Miraclesuit also make the best shapewear for changing the shape of your bum! Yes, this stuff really does exist. It is called the Miraclesuit Bum Booster and is superb at lifting and shaping your bottom. I recommend these all the time to brides who are wearing a low backed dress, Pippa Middleton style. It sits low enough on the waist to hide away and gives your bottom a more rounded, perkier look. It also slims your tummy, hips and thighs very nicely too.

Miraclesuit Bum Booster

Waist Cinchers For Petite Frames

Most waist cinchers are far too long in the body if you are really quite short in the body. Anyone under 5ft 3" starts to struggle with the length of the Esbelt Waist Cincher, it just swamps them. Miraclesuit do a really good waist cincher that is MUCH shorter in length than the classic Esbelt Waist Cincher. It isn't quite as strong as the Esbelt, but is boned and is extra firm in control. It also doesn't contain any latex/rubber, so is good for those who are allergic - or simply don't like rubber!

Miraclesuit Waist Cincher


I hope my thoughts and ramblings on Miraclesuit Shapewear have helped you, and not confused you. If you are still not sure which shapewear to choose, get in touch with me. I might talk your ear off about shapewear, but I will also give you lots of advice and recommendations x




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