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All About Trinny and Susannah Shapewear

Trinny and Susannah are an interesting couple of ladies. They started out in the mid 90s writing a weekly style column together for the Daily Telegraph called Ready To Wear. This was very successful (it ran for seven years) and soon they became household names as fashion know it alls! They were scooped up by the BBC to present the massive hit series What Not To Wear and then went on to ITV with Trinny and Susannah Undress. When I first saw them on TV I really didn’t like them. They looked too perfect and a little bit smug and posh (is that mean?). I hated that bit where the poor frumpy woman had to stand in front of those 4-way mirrors and properly look at herself. It just made me cringe, it was too close to the bone and if it was me standing there I would have simply died (or collapsed in shame). However, to give them lots of credit where it is due, they certainly seemed to know what they were talking about. I loved the fact that they extolled the virtues of good fitting bras and shapewear. It made total sense to me that if you have the “under-pinnings” right then your clothes are bound to look better.

It was no surprise to me that they decided to bring out their own range of shapewear. They have collaborated with lingerie stalwarts Cette and have bought out quite a large range of shapewear. They really seemed to have thought about what the shapewear needs to do and everything that I have tried so far works really well. The fabrics on the whole are seamless but still give lots of slimming control, and they not only slim you down a bit, they also give you shape, especially around the bum.

As always, if you are unsure what shapewear is right for you please do get in touch. Let us know your shapewear questions and queries and we will get back to you really quickly with our recommendations.

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