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All About Trinny and Susannah Shapewear

I love Trinny and Susannah. They admittedly are not everyone's cup of tea, but I think they are fab. They are so blunt and down to earth about people's bad dress sense and style. I think they would annihilate me (frumpy, middle aged Mum still wearing clothes from 10 years ago), but I kind of would like them to tell me what to wear too!

Trinny and Susannah originally started out in the mid 90s writing a weekly column together for the Daily Telegraph. It was called Ready To Wear and was so successful it ran for seven years!

They were scooped up by the BBC on the back of their column, to present the massive hit tv series What Not To Wear and then went on to ITV with Trinny and Susannah Undress. It was such watchable, relatable TV. It made me both cringe and smile with lots of ahhh moments. They might come across as a bit smug and very posh, but they certainly know what they are talking about when it comes to how to dress well.

Throughout their whole fashion careers they always extolled the virtues of a good bra and some decent shapewear. They always say that if you don't get your "underpinnings" sort out, you are on a losing streak with the rest of your clothes. This makes very good sense.

So, it was not a completely surprise when Trinny and Susannah teamed up with lingerie legends Cette to design their own, unique range of shapewear. They have come up with a really good range of very slimming (it is all extra firm in control), seamless (perfect under any fabric) and really comfortable to wear shapewear. It is also shapewear that will last for ages - you can wash it, dry it, pull it and not put your nails through it. It is really strong stuff!

It is also really well priced - the most expensive item being £43 for a full on bodysuit. Pretty good for extra firm control shapewear!

I wonder if Susannah was wearing her own shapewear on Strictly Come Dancing when she was paired up with the lovely Anton Du Beke?

Our Trinny & Susannah Shapewear Collection

We currently stock 3 lovely items of Trinny and Susannah shapewear.

The All In One Body Shaper is the absolute best seller. It is such a good all rounder. It slims your hips, thighs, bottom, tummy, waist and the back area around your bra. It is designed to be worn with your own bra and has adjustable shoulder straps. It really helps to cinch in your waist, flatten your belly and it gives your bottom a really lovely shape.

Trinny and Susannah All In One Body Shaper

The All In One Body Smoother Dress is superb under dresses. It is one of the strongest shapewear slips we sell and not only creates a lovely smooth line and great base under your dress, it also really does help to slim you down.

Trinny and Susannah All In One Body Smoother Dress

The Magic Body Smoother Skirt is the shapewear I always recommend to go under those really tricky bodycon dresses. You know the ones that leave NOTHING to the imagination and even show your belly button through. This slimming skirt will create the perfect base under one of these dresses and you can adjust it according to the length of your dress too.

Trinny and Susannah Magic Body Smoother Skirt

As always, if you are unsure what shapewear is right for you please do get in touch. Let us know your shapewear questions and queries and we will get back to you really quickly with our recommendations.

Happy Shapewear Shopping x

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