All About Bum Boosters

Bum Boosters are knickers or pads designed to actually INCREASE the size of your bum. Yes that is right, they make your bum look BIGGER, rather than slim it down. The whole big bum look has really taken off due to celebrities like J-LO and Kim Kardashian really promoting their beautiful behinds.

Things to consider when choosing bum boosters

  • It’s all about SIZE. If increasing the size of your bum is what you are after, both the stick on pads and padded pants are great. The pads are super as you can wear them with your own knickers. They feel very natural and you can place them where you like. The padded pants have built in pads so you can’t massively adjust where they sit. Saying that, they work perfectly on most people and give a really natural, bigger look.
  • SLIM me down too. If you are wanting more of a slimmer look, go for a bum shaper. These are body shapers, control pants and bodysuits that have additional structure around the bottom. This helps to slim, lift, separate and make your bum look much rounder and more perky. The structure is all made of fabric, so it won’t be visible once you have the shaper on.
  • Best of both. One popular shapewear combo is to wear a body shaper AND stick in the bum boosters pads. This way you get all the slimming effect on the rest of your body plus a much bigger, rounder bum.