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(Shaping Sheers, Pantyhose)

All About Control Tights

Control Tights are full length tights – either opaque or sheer legged – with a built in body shaper at the top. The body shaper usually gives slimming control from the mid thighs up to either the waistline (for the low waisted control tights) or up to the midriff (for the high waisted control tights). Some control tights slim the legs as well, but the majority only slim the top half.

There are 2 main styles of control tights:

  1. Low waisted control tights. Full leg tights with a built in shaper that ends at the waistline.
  2. High waisted control tights. Full leg tights with a built in shaper that ends between your waist and bra line.

Things to consider when choosing control tights.

  • Colour. Most control tights come in either natural (beige) or black. They don’t have the big colour ranges that normal tights have.
  • Denier. In general the higher the denier, the more slimming control there will be for your legs.
  • Mid Thighs. On most of the control tights I have reviewed, the body shaper is a mid thigh one and therefore can be seen under very short skirts and dresses.
  • Slimming Level. The slimming level tends to be either medium or firm control.
  • Toes. Going for a pair of control tights with a reinforced toe is a prudent choice as this makes them last longer.
  • Gusset. Most control tights have a built in cotton gusset (some do open). This means you can wear them WITHOUT knickers for a zero VPL (visible panty line) look.

The main gripe I have with control tights is that once they have laddered, they are useless. I have found that the better quality (and therefore more expensive) control tights are made with much stronger legs, so they ladder and snag much less easily. The toes are also often reinforced to make them last longer.