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All About Extra Firm Control Shapewear

Extra Firm Control Shapewear is really amazing stuff. It is SUPER STRONG in slimming control, especially around areas like the tummy, hips and thighs. As well as SLIMMING it also gives you loads of SHAPE, especially around the bottom and waist.

Extra Firm Control Shapewear Will...

  • make you look LOADS SLIMMER!
  • really flatten out tummy bulges, firm up wobbly thighs, smooth out back boobs and love handles.
  • give SHAPE and LIFT to your bottom, making it look smaller, rounder and much more perky!
  • really PULL IN and CINCH your waistline.
  • make tight waistbands fit much more comfortably.
  • be a bit hard work to get on - it is worth it though!
  • be a bit of a struggle to get back off - definitely look for extra firm control shapewear with an opening gusset, so you don't need to have a fight with your clothes in the loo.

Extra Firm Control Shapewear Won't...

  • be 100% comfortable. I'm being honest with you here. For it to give really good slimming results it has to fit very tightly. You will feel fairly trussed up in this stuff!
  • be easy to get on and off. Take your time, especially when putting it on. My top tip is to make sure you don't put in on when you have just got out of the shower. It is really hard to pull extra firm control shapewear on when your skin is damp.
  • take inches off your waist. For this you need a MAXIMUM control waist cincher!