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Magic Body Fashion

Tricks To Make Your Outfit Fit Perfectly!

All About Magic Body Fashion

Magic Body Fashion make all sorts of clever "outfit tricks" that help you to make the most of your clothes. From bra transformers to bottom pads, stick on invisible bras to nipple covers. Magic Body Fashion has an ingenious solution for pretty much any outfit dilemma!

Magic Body Fashion is a company based in the Netherlands. They have developed a massive range of shapewear and accessories. The stuff that I personally really like is all the “tricks” that they sell to help to adapt your existing outfit. The bra transformers are especially good!

Here is what Magic Body Fashion have to say about themselves in their online catalogue:

“Magic Body Fashion has a rich history in innovation of Shapewear, Bras and Accessories making them the Total Solution Body Fashion Company…

Magic Body Fashion was one of the first companies introducing shapewear and problem solving bras and accessories. In the late eighties the idea was born from the “volume shoulder” trend in fashion which resulted in the first step of creating a body shaping product line. Due to this heritage Magic Body Fashion owns the expertise of making a product range with a great fit and is all about comfort. Not only are Magic Body Fashion product functional, they also have a nice and trendy look including a luxury line in shapewear.

A total new target group has been born as nowadays the trendy and fashionable woman is also interested in shapewear. No matter what size or age she is, she respects the high level of comfort and the fact that she will look great in her clothes.

Magic Body Fashion offers a full wardrobe of shapewear and each product has its specific function made of high quality materials using the latest innovations. This also counts for the Bras & Accessories. Magic Body Fashion is unique in offering a total problem solving program in Bodyfashion.

Magic Body Fashion sells the products in the famously striking colourful boxes and exports to more than 50 countries all over the world…

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