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All About Slimming Tops

Slimming tops are quite new on the shapewear scene. They look like normal vest tops, some with thin spaghetti straps, others with wider fixed straps that act as a sort of layer under your clothes. Others have a scooped out bit at the front so you can wear them with your own bra. If they fit you correctly they are brilliant at smoothing everything out and creating a slimmer silhouette. Perfect for getting rid of bra bulges and back boobs!

There are 3 main types of Slimming Tops:

1. The WYOB Slimming Top. This style has shoulder straps and a scooped out section at the front for your bust. You can wear it with or without your own bra.

2. The Strappy Vest. This style looks like a normal strappy top but should fit really tighly. It covers the bust and has shoulder straps – usually thin ones.

3. The Tube Top. This is like a long boob tube which covers your bust down to your hips. They often have shaping and support for the bust and are usually seamless.

Things to look out for when choosing slimming tops:

  • Length. The length of the body can really vary. I personally prefer a longer length body as I am quite tall and carry quite a bit of belly bulge with me. I like the vest to come right down over that bulgy area and encase it in completely in fabric. You can get shorter versions which I would recommend if you are quite petite, as the longer length versions may swamp you.
  • Straps. Most of the slimming tops have shoulder straps (although there are a few strapless ones that I am going to review soon). You need to decide whether you mind the straps being non-adjustable or not. If you are prone to shoulder strap slippage then you need to choose an adjustable strapped one. No one wants to be doing the shoulder strap hoik all day long!
  • Bust support. If you have a bigger bust you may need to wear a bra underneath your slimming top. Do take care though as you don’t want to squash your girls out front!
  • Seams. We all love seamless but it isn’t always the strongest in control. If you don’t need it to be seamless then I would go for something with seams with stronger control.
  • Would you be seen out in it? Lots of slimming tops say they can be worn as outer wear. I’ve not come across one that I personally would wear in public. To me they look too much like underwear still. However, it is entirely up to you, maybe I am just a bit prudish and old!