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All About Spanx OnCore Shapewear

Spanx OnCore Shapewear is the STRONGEST of all the Spanx shapewear ranges. All of the garments in this range are EXTRA FIRM in slimming control (this is called "Sculpt: A Super Firm Hug" on the Spanx website). They will make a BIG difference to your figure, not only slimming you, but firming and shaping you too.

It's All About The Butt

The bottom part of all of the Spanx Oncore shapewear needs a paragraph all to itself! Spanx have used some mind-blowing fabric technology (I can't even begin to describe the process) that firms up your bum, lifts it up making it look less saggy, and then gives it definition and separation. This is quite something as in the days or yore, shapewear used to only focus on slimming and squashing your wobbly bits. This often created what we call a uni-bum. Yes, it looked smaller, but it also looked a bit weird! So stick on a pair of Spanx Oncore and say hello to your perkier, happier bum!

bottom shaping spanx oncore

Materialistically Speaking

The fabric used in the Spanx Oncore range is far stronger and bouncier than the other ranges. Unlike some styles, where you worry about putting your nails through them (*cough* Spanx Power Series), this fabric is robust. This gives it the slimming control needs to REEEALLY pull you in, especially around your waist and tummy.

Seamlessly Does It

The Spanx Oncore range is seamless. Hurrah, we love seamless shapewear! We know seams can give strength, but they also can show through your clothes. Not Spanx Oncore. Spanx have managed to make a super strong fabric without seams.

Leggy Lou Lou

The Spanx Oncore styles with legs - the mid-thigh ones, are super smooth. The ends of the legs are seamless and non-binded. Spanx call it a "paper thin smooth transition to the skin" which I think sums it up pretty well.

The G Word

Gggg gusset. There I said it. All of the gussets on the Spanx OnCore range are opening ones - yes even the ss1815 high waisted briefs. This means no fighting with your clothes in the loo, hurrah!

The Opening Bust

I personally cannot get enough of an open bust. Since having kids, my boobs have developed a life of their own and are not containable inside a bodysuit bra thingy. I must prefer wearing my own bra with a bodysuit. It just works so much better for everyone. Both of the bodysuits in the range are designed with an open bust. I know it looks a bit funny, like a bizarre sort of unitard, but these are the things we wear to look good!

open bust spanx oncore wear with own bra

The Build Your Own Bodysuit Is No More!

I have some terribly sad news. The SS1915 and SS1815 which previous came with little straps to attach to your own bra have been re-invented by Spanx. They have decided they don't need the straps and the garments have now been made to stay up all by themselves. I understand that the straps didn't work for everyone, but I personally thought they were ace!

Disclaimer: some of the SS1915 and SS1815 still have straps. You might be lucky and get one of these - Spanx are phasing them out though, so get them while stocks last!