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All About Spanx Spotlight On Lace Shapewear

If you are looking for shapewear that doesn't actually look like shapewear, then you are in the right place. The Spanx Spotlight On Lace shapewear range is SUPER PRETTY. It is made from the prettiest, loveliest fabric with lots of gorgeous frothy lace and gentle colours.

It is the stuff to choose if you are wanting to look and feel super gorgeous. And the ones to go for if you think your nearest and dearest may catch a lucky glimpse!

Super Soft Lace

Now I know you have probably come across lace on underwear that is just dreadful. All itchy, scratchy and rough with no give whatsoever. Not this Spanx lace. Spanx do lace in a most elegant and comfortable way. For one thing, it doesn't feel like lace as it is super smooth. It also is stretchy - I presume it is full of spandexy stuff that makes it mould to fit your body perfectly. It also doesn't show through tight fabrics - you won't see the lace outline under your clothes.

Tummy Control

Okay, so we have the prettiest of shapewear here. But does it actually work? Yes it does. Spanx have built in super strong tummy control panels to the shapewear. You can't actually see them, but give the tummy bit a stretch between your hands and you will feel the strength.

A Most Adaptable Bodysuit

The Spanx Spotlight On Lace Firm Control Bodysuit is one of my absolute favourite bodysuits. Yes, it is really pretty. Yes, it is firm in control. But what makes it super special is the straps. They are adjustable and adaptable meaning you can wear them in 5 different ways - V Back, Criss Cross, Racer back, T-back and normal straight shoulders. This means that you can get the bodysuit to work with all manner of dress and top styles. Making it a very useful and lovely little bodysuit.


The Prettiest High Waister

Let me be honest here, high waisted shapewear isn't the prettiest of things. The style of it can look really odd and this is made even worse looking by dull and boring fabric (99% of the shapewear we sell!!). This Spanx high waisted brief though bucks the trend. It is powerful and pretty. Okay, it still has the long body that can look a bit odd. But it is counteracted by the lovely lovely fabric, lace and purty colours.

The Ones That Work Under Low Backed Wedding Dresses

Low backed wedding dresses are completely on trend at the moment. They look absolutely stunning, but are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to shapewear. The Spanx Spotlight On Lace Waistline Briefs are one of the favourites amongst my brides-to-be. As soon as I saw these I knew they would work for a wedding. They are super duper pretty, firm in tummy control, and low waisted enough to remain hidden at the back of low backed wedding dresses.