One of the most frequently asked questions I get emailed is "what is the best shapewear that flattens the tummy?"

Well, most shapewear does a good job of flattening the tummy. If your tummy is covered by the shapewear then it will slim and smooth it out. However, there are some bad beastie boys of shapewear that REALLY suck yout tummy in that you need to know about. These range for EXTRA FIRM to TOTALLY TRANSFORMING, so they are not going to be light and floaty to wear. They will however flatten that annoying roll of tummy that sits there under your belly button. You know, the thing that never goes away no matter how much you diet or exercise. In America it is called a pooch, in the UK it is sometimes (rather unflatteringly) called an apron. I call it my chocolate roll, as I'm pretty such it is made up of 90% chocolate!

So going back to the question of which shapewear is best for flattening the tummy. Any one of these 6 wonder-garments will tame that belly back into shape. You might not be able to eat a full meal whilst wearing them, but hey your tummy will be hidden from sight!