1. Always stay true to your size. A common mistake is going down a size in the hopes that it will make you look even smaller. This won’t work. The shapewear won’t fit you properly, it will wrinkle, roll up or down and will cause bulges where it ends on your body. You will feel very uncomfortable and look more stuffed sausage than svelte siren! If you are wanting greater slimming strength, go for shapewear in your size with stronger control.
  2. Choose for the occasion. Buy medium and firm control shapewear for every day and longer wearing. This will smooth and firm you but won’t be as constricting as the extra firm and totally transforming shapewear. Reserve extra firm and totally transforming shapewear for special occasions, when you need to pull out all the stops and don’t mind being a bit uncomfortable.
  3. Avoid white shapewear. Unless you are wearing white or ivory, in general we recommend that you avoid wearing white shapewear. Natural, black or ivory work much better. Even under a white t-shirt we find that natural shapewear looks better.
  4. Pick the right fabric. Cotton clothing can cling to hosiery type fabric. Choose shapewear with a slicker fabric, like a polyester/spandex mix. Silk or clingy jersery fabrics will need seamless shapewear to make it invisible.
  5. Don’t always avoid shapewear with seams. Seamless shapewear may be smooth, but its circular knit construction can’t control and shape the way seamed shapewear can. The reason is that seams allow fabrics of differing directions and tensions to be joined together to provide targeted shape and control. All of the seams on our shapewear are flat-sewn so that they lie as flat as possible against your body. Most of them are strategically placed so they will lie under the seams of your skirt or trousers.
  6. Looking perky! If you have a big bust, never choose shapewear that covers your bust area. Wear your own bra shapewear is becoming increasingly popular as you not only get the best slimming control on your body, you also get the best possible shape for your bust.
  7. Calls of nature. Take into consideration how you will be able to go to the loo. Most of our shapewear has some form of opening gusset, which means you don’t have to pull everything off to use the bathroom. However, we do have a few pieces that have a closed gusset as some people do prefer this. Make sure you have selected the right sort for you.
  8. Avoid the muffin top look. If you carry weight around your middle area, don’t go for any shapewear that ends at the waist. This will give you a “muffin top” or waist band overhang which doesn’t look good. Go for a style that is high waisted and ends around your midriff or just under your bust.
  9. Take 5! Give yourself plenty of time to put on your shapewear (see our article on how to put on shapewear). Try it on with your outfit in plenty of time before you are ready to go out. Putting on shapewear can make you feel very hot and bothered so it is good to do it slowly and then give yourself a breather once you are in it.
  10. Keep the lycra lovely. Always follow the washing instructions. Most of our shapewear contains lycra or spandex which deteriorates with heat. We recommend that you handwash your shapewear in cool water using fabric wash without bleach. You will need to line dry away from any direct heat source such as a radiator and you should not iron afterwards.
If you are still in doubt about what shapewear to choose, please contact us with your weight, height, usual UK dress size, waist measurement and any details about your outfit that are relevant (eg strapless). We will get back to you really quickly with our recommendations.