Last Night I Went To Bed With My FitBit

Last night I went to bed with my FitBit on. (cue sniggers and bad jokes from my other half about how fit he thinks he is...). I've only had it a few days and it was the first time I wore it to bed.

BIG mistake.

This morning it told me quite cheerfully that I'd slept a total of 4 hours and 51mins. With 59 mins awake. Whoopycrappydoo.

Let me tell you, 3 hours 52 mins sleep doesn't make fair maiden. I look haggered!

I'm not sure if KNOWING exactly how little sleep I had is making me feel worse? Maybe if it lied to me and said I'd had 8 hours of solid sleep I would feel a bit more alive.

Last night's bad sleep was down to a combination of having a poorly 2 year old. And the really weird sensation of being monitored. It felt like I was being very quietly watched. Spooky.

I think I will give the FitBit a miss tonight. I'd like to say I'll give the 2 year old a miss too. But I know I wouldn't sleep a wink without him!

All I can say is copious amounts of very strong coffee will be drunk today. And a lot of saying "Ugh".

Fat Bird
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