The Reason I Want To Get Fit And Healthy
Here is a pic of one of the reasons why I want to be fit and healthy. My sweet sweet daughter.

I'm an older Mum, having had my kids in my 30s. I'm all too aware that I've not got the energy I want to run after my kids. I know that age is not particulary on my side, but my weight and lack of fitness is a bigger problem than my date of birth.

More and more I'm sitting on the sidelines watching, rather than getting stuck in with playing with them.

This is not how I want it to be. I want to be there, getting stuck in with the whole wonderful, chaotic clammer of having young kids. I want to be kicking footballs, swimming in the sea, running up that big hill with them just to see what it at the top. And then rolling back down again with them without worrying that I will be secretly videoed and shamed on Facebook as the "hilarious fat woman rolling down the hill".

I'd love to know what other people's reasons and motivations are for losing weight and getting fit x
Fat Bird
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