The Hell That Is Choosing New Trainers
My trainers are nearly 13 years old. I got them in 2005 when I started running with my other half. He was training to run the London Marathon and I decided to train with him.

This is how different I was 13 years ago! I used to run, like proper long distances. I think the longest I have run in one go is 18 miles. 18 fecking miles!! The friends I have made since this time do not believe me. It is like I'm talking about a fictional me.

Anyway, my 13 year old trainers are in a bad way. They are falling apart and they squeak when I walk as the air cushions have burst.
So I need new trainers. I'd like a pair EXACTLY like my old ones but without the squeak. These apparently no longer exist. Trainers - or running shoes to be more precise have "moved on since them".

Trying to choose trainers, sorry RUNNING SHOES is akin to being stuck in the 1st Circle Of Hell (Limbo). I find a pair online that look okay. I read a review. I think they are not okay. I find another pair. I read a review. I find another pair...

Dear God, it can't be that hard to buy TRAINERS (I refuse to call them anything else) can it?

If anyone has any tips of how to break this ghastly cycle I'm in and point me in the right direction of a good pair of trainers, please speak now!
Fat Bird
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