The Real Bun In The Oven
A was given a metaphorical slap in the face the other day. I bumped into a friend who I don't see very often and she squealed "eek, your pregnant again!".

FML is what went through my head. A rather meek "no I'm not, I've just put on some weight" crept out of my mouth. And we both wanted the pavement to open up and swallow us whole.

I really do forgive her though. The last time she saw me I saw pretty slim. The time before that, heavily pregnant. I am now sporting a rather fetching cake/wine/chocolate belly that could easily be mistaken for a nice little baby. You can see why she made the mistake.

I'm hoping the next time I bump into this friend I will be lovely and slim and how we will laugh about our awkward encounter. One thing is for sure, I definitely won't be pregnant!
Fat Bird
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