The Sunday Blues
Hands up if you get the Sunday Blues?

At around 4pm every Sunday afternoon I start to get an overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom. I think it is because the best part of the weekend has gone and Monday morning is looming large.

I'm not even sure why I get this feeling these days. I could understand it if I was still at school, uni or work. But I work at home for myself!

I've started to try and counteract this feeling by shaking things up a bit. I try to get all the Monday things ready on Friday. So uniforms, bags etc are all good to go. I sometimes dip in and out of work (if I'm at home) on Saturday and Sunday, so I have no "nasties" waiting for me when I log on on Monday. I open all post and emails so there is nothing unexpected going to leap out at me.

One big thing that does counteract the Sunday Blues is going for a walk on the beach. I'm lucky that I live in Cornwall, 5 minutes walk away from the beach in the photo. I'm really trying to make a big effort to get out there on a Sunday afternoon, come rain, shine, hail or terrifyingly strong winds!

Bonus points if you know where this beach is!
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