How To Keep Your Spanx From Rolling Down

Most of us agree that Spanx are great. They sort out all sorts of annoying lumps and bumps, get our clothes fitting nicely and make us feel a bit more confident in our outfits.

However, LOTS of us do find the high waisted Spanx shapewear can roll down. How do I know this? Well, I've been selling Spanx for over 13 years and you lot have told me! I also wear lots of it myself and have experienced it first hand.

So what causes Spanx shapewear to roll down?

1. It's Too Small!

It is so tempting to choose shapewear in a slightly smaller size than you should do. You want to look smaller in it, so why not go for a really go for it with a tiny size. Surely that will work?

Yes, it will work on bits of you. But when it comes to the ends of the shapewear you will find problems. You might find it creates VPL on your thighs or bottom. And it WILL roll down on you.

**actually, the only shapewear that you CAN get away with choosing a very small size is the Esbelt Waist Cincher. You need to be made of tough stuff though to wear it in a tiny size though as it REALLY squeezes you in!

2. It's Too Big

It can be really hard to get shapewear in just the right size. Borderline sizes are the worst for this. You have read all my warnings about not choosing shapewear in a size too small. And so you go for the slightly bigger size which is slightly too big for you.

This WILL make your high waisted shapewear roll down. High waisted shapewear is a tricky beast. It needs to fit snugly around your rib cage in order to stay up.

3. Your Rib Cage Isn't In Proportion

This isn't a criticism of your body. But we are not all made from an identikit mould. You might be a size 8 with a really wide rib cage, or you might be a size 16 with a really narrow rib cage. Your rib cage size can also change over time. Pregnancy, sports that develop your lungs and health issues can dramatically alter the size of your rib cage. After having 2 babies, my rib cage is much bigger than it was back in my twenties - even though I am actually lighter in weight than I was back then!

Unless your Spanx fits snugly around your rib cage it will roll down!

4. Too Much Washing

Some Spanx does say, go ahead, wash me in the machine. However, we always say nooooo. Spanx fabric is packed full of elastane and lycra, which is the stuff that makes it stretchy and strong. If you bash this about and heat it up too much, the stretchy stuff won't work as well as when it was new.

And PLEASE don't even think of putting your Spanx in the tumble drier.

This will cause your Spanx to start rolling down.

5. Your Spanx Are Just A Bit Old

I found a pair of original Spanx in my drawer a few months back. These bad boys are over 10 years old. They still work okaaay, but they are not as stretchy or strong as they used to be. Like no where near - unless Spanx used to be really bad!?

Na, they have always been great. Old age will make your Spanx roll down (the Spanx, not you!)

My Tricks To Stop Your Spanx From Rolling Down

I do have a couple of tricks to help keep your Spanx from rolling down.

1. Put them on properly

This may sound a bit obvious, but it really does make a difference how you put on your Spanx. You need to roll up the legs like you are putting on a pair of tights. Step into them and work them up your body. Make sure your bottom is right in them (this is the most important bit). If your bum isn't "seated" in your Spanx, the fabric will start to drag down your body as the night goes on.

Once you have seated your bum, roll them up your body and down your legs.

Then do the shapewear shuffle - really wiggle and move wildly around to get your Spanx sitting in the right place on your body. This will REALLY help them to stay in place and not roll down.

2. Tuck them under your bra

Put your Spanx on BEFORE you put on your bra. If they are long enough (and I will be honest here, they are NOT long enough on me at 5ft 10") you can tuck the top of the waistband under your bra. This helps to give it a little bit of anchorage and can help stop them rolling down.

3. Treat them nicely

If you are reading this holding a pair of baggy, saggy Spanx that you have washed the life out of then sorry but the horse has already bolted!

If you have a nice new pair of Spanx, treat it NICELY!. It will last much longer and work much better.

What do I mean by nicely? Well, don't yank them up your body as this will over stretch the fabric. Don't machine wash them and never, ever tumble dry them. Not matter WHAT it says on the label. Dry them away from direct heat too - so don't chuck them on a scalding hot radiator to dry. This will destroy all the stretchyness in them and THEY WILL ROLL DOWN ON YOU!

I've Tried Everything And My Spanx STILL Rolls Down

It is time for something more belts and braces so let me introduce you to Shapewear Hold Ups!

What On Earth Are Shapewear Hold Ups?

Shapewear Hold Ups are my simple solution to the dreaded shapewear roll down. They are little straps that you loop around the sides of your bra and clip onto your shapewear. They help to hold everything in place, so you don't need to worry about your shapewear suddenly rolling down when you least expect it!

They are basically suspenders for your shapewear!

What Type Of Shapewear Do They Work On?

Shapewear Hold Ups work best on high waisted shapewear. This shapewear can be ANY brand - trendy Spanx, old fashioned Rago or even cheap knock offs from China (yes we know you exist you naughty little rip offs!).

How Do They Work?

You loop your Shapewear Hold Ups around the sides, back or front of your bra and clip them onto your shapewear. They work with any style of normal bra - it can be strapless or regular style.

How Many Straps Do I Wear?

Most people use 3 straps. They usually wear them on either side of their bra, under their arms. This creates a decent hold and will prevent your shapewear from going South.

If your outfit is a bit skimpy and shows lots through, I would recommend only wearing 2 straps at the sides. These will sit under your arms and won't be on show - unlike the one down the front.

What Size Do You Need To Be?

Shapewear Hold Ups fit anyone. They don't fit sports bras or any bra with a very deep band. They fit all normal shaped bras, no matter what size.

The Clips

Shapewear Hold Ups grip to your shapewear like suspenders grip to stockings. We use similar fastenings to suspenders which are reasonably kind to most materials. Occasionally this CAN damage the fabric of your shapewear, especially if there is a lot of drag on the clips. The clips are great, but they are not magic. Holes may occasionally happen - this hasn't happened with any of our tests, but we just wanted to put it out there that it may occur (yes we are covering our bottoms as there is always one that this will happen to!).

Won't They Show Through My Clothes?

We have tried to make the Shapewear Hold Ups as invisible as possible. The fastenings all face inwards to make them discreet and as smooth as they can possibly be.

They MIGHT show through very tight, flimsy fabric, but if you wear them under your arms the chances of them showing through as small. Unless you are wearing something outrageous like a cling flim catsuit. But if you are wearing something that revealing you probably don't need to be wearing shapewear!




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