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really pretty shapewear

Pretty Shapewear? That Doesn't Really Exist, Does It?

Let's face it, most shapewear looks a bit meh. At best it is just a little bit bland and at worst it looks like something your granny would wear! It is not exactly the stuff you want to show your other half on date night, is it?

Never fear though, Spanx have gone and done it! They have actually made shapewear that looks like gorgeous undies.

Now you do need to underwear, this stuff isn't going to turn you into Kim Kardashian with all her curves and teeny tiny waist. However, it will firm you up nicely and give you a much flatter tummy. And, more importantly, you won't be embarrassed to flash them to your other half either!

Date Night Shapewear!

The prettiest shapewear range by Spanx is called Spanx Undietectable.

This is all MEDIUM in slimming control and works really nicely at flattening out your tummy bulges. The edges are all laser cut, without any binding or stitching, so they lie flat against your skin without creating lumps and bumps where they finish. All of the (5) styles have a wide band that wraps around your tummy area and back. This works really well at pulling everything in, flattening and slimming as it goes.

There are 5 Spanx Undietectable styles to choose from.

The 3 lace styles are so lovely - I have the briefs and thong in my underwear drawer. They really do look like pretty underwear. The lace is super soft (not the scratchy, itchy lace of cheap underwear) and is very flat, so it won't show through your clothing.

Spanx Undietectable Lace Cheeky Slimming ThongSpanx Undietectable Lace Cheeky Slimming PantiesSpanx Undietectable Lace Cheeky High Hipster Panties

The 2 non-lace styles are brilliant pieces of underwear. They are so soft and comfy, they sort of mold to your body. You can barely tell you are wearing underwear, let alone shapewear!

Spanx Undietectable Pretty Control ThongSpanx Undietectable Pretty Control Briefs

As with all Spanx, they are made with cotton gussets so you can wear them in place of your own underwear.

You really won't believe this stuff is actually shapewear!

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May 19, 2017 by The Magic Knicker Shop
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