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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Miranda and I set up The Magic Knicker Shop 12 years ago. As you can imagine, I'm a bit of a shapewear know-it-all and I have tried pretty much everything going!

I've always loved Spanx, even right at the beginning when they weren't as perfect and well designed as they are today (although they were MUCH cheaper!). I have 3 styles of Spanx in my cupboard that I wear regularly and I thought I'd share with you what they are and why I like them.

The Ones I Sort Of Think I Can't Live Without!

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Shorts - £35.00

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Shorts 2745 £35

Now these don't make me the slimmest (being only FIRM in control) or look the sexiest (I'm not sure high waisted shorts can ever be sexy), but they are SOOO comfortable and effective. They take a little bit of wriggling into (and don't even try to put them on straight after a shower) but once they are on it's great. They make me feel like all my floppy bits are supported. It sort of replaces the lack of muscle tone around my middle - a bit like pilates in pant form!

They are especially good with things like tight jeans. They really help to make them more comfortable, especially around the waistband. They stop that awful muffin top effect from happening - you know the thing when your waistband digs in and your belly spills over the top making a nice roll.

Spanx have recently re-vamped the Spanx Higher Power by taking away the annoying center seam (that EVERYONE complained about). They do have an inner thigh seam, but unless you are wearing a PVC catsuit, it will never been seen through your clothes. The fabric is SEAMLESS everywhere else and so you can wear them under anything clingy.

Spanx have also added a no-slip strip around the inside at the top. This helps the Spanx to grip to your skin underneath your bust and stay in place without rolling down. A top Spanx tip is to put them on BEFORE you put your bra on. Pull them up nice and high and then put your bra on over the top. The edges of your bra with add a bit more anchorage.

Spanx have also changed the bum slightly to help give more definition to it. This really is something to look out for in good shapewear - if there is no shaping around your bottom your bum can look quite flat and shapeless.

They still have the good ole double opening flappy gusset thingy. Not everyone's cup of tea but it does work and means you don't have to pull them down to use the loo. I'll be honest, I usually do pull them down. But I've had 2 kids and lets just say it is better that way ;-)

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The Ones I Wear For Super Special Occasions

Spanx OnCore Build Your Own Bodysuit Briefs - £58.00

Spanx Oncore Build Your Own Bodysuit Briefs

My god these are good. They do take a bit of effort and logistics to get them on in the right place and the straps done up. But it is really really worth it. They are EXTRA FIRM in slimming control and so are a LOT stronger in slimming power than the Spanx Higher Power. They are completely seamless (so work under awkward clingy fabrics) and are zoned. This zoning is the super bit. It not only helps to REALLY slim you, but it also adds shape where you don't necessarily have it. It cinches you in around the waist (not quite as drastic as a waist cincher, but still good) and makes you look all curvy. The best bit for me though is the bottom. It completely remodels your bum, making it look slimmer, firmer, rounder and more uplifted. It is like wearing a push up bra for your bottom.

The Build Your Own Bodysuit bit means that you attach the suit to your own bra. You get 2 little straps which you loop over your bra at the sides. This holds the bodysuit in place. If you find high waisted shapewear usually rolls down on you then give one of these a go.

These are not as comfortable to wear as the Spanx Higher Power. They are a lot firmer and so you feel a bit more compressed. I do usually save these for special occasions like weddings and nights out when I want to look and feel really amazing!

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The Ones I Wear When I Want To Impress My Other Half

Spanx Undietectable Pretty Lace Hi Hipster Panty - £24.00

Spanx Undietectable Pretty Lace Hi Hipster Panties

Now my lovely husband is all too aware of the world of shapewear as he also works for The Magic Knicker Shop. However, I still don't really like him seeing me in the full on compression shapewear. With the best will in the world it just isn't sexy! This is where the Spanx Undietectable range comes into its' own. It is shapewear that is really really pretty. Okay, it doesn't make you super slim, but it really helps to control belly bulges and love handles. All while being too cute and too pretty. And as it is only £24 per pair, I've got 3 pairs of them in my cupboard!

The ones I wear are the Spanx Undietectable Hipster Panties. I just love the shape of them and the coverage on my bum. They make me feel lovely when I'm wearing them, and the tummy control gives me a nice bit of confidence that my belly won't be having a wobble all on it's own!

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If you have any questions or need advice on choosing shapewear do contact me. I love giving shapewear advice!

Happy Shapewear Shopping!

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