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All About Spanx Shapewear

Up until Spanx came along, the female shaping and control underwear industry was male-dominated. Little thought was being put into what women really wanted, and let’s be honest, shaping underwear for women, designed by men was just never going to work. I have lost count of the number of women I have met in the bathroom at a party berating their shaping underwear, complaining about:

• Waistbands that curl over and dig in, giving rolls hanging over the top and red welts round the waist.
• Leg bands that dig in giving unsightly bulges that show through under your clothes and are so uncomfortable.
• Bottom panels that flatten not flatter, giving a “uni-bum” that might look smaller but isn’t at all sexy.
• Tummy panels that pull in at the wrong areas without accentuating natural, feminine curves and often giving you a stomach ache!
• Full body shapers that don’t fit the bust correctly, are not the right length, flatten rather than slim you and cut in around the leg.
• VPL (Visible Panty Line).

And you wouldn’t want your nearest and dearest to see you in these “Granny Pants”!

How Spanx Was Invented...

In 1998, Sara Blakely became frustrated enough by rubbish shapewear to do something about it:

“It was just obvious to me that nobody was taking the time to do minor changes that dramatically affect the comfort levels of women”, Blakely said.

And so, to cut a long story short, Spanx was invented!

Spanx is a range of shapewear designed to slim and shape your body in all the right places, giving you comfort and confidence. The key differences in Spanx shapewear garments are:

  • Soft waistbands that don’t curl over or dig in, giving you a more streamlined look and making the garments virtually invisible under clothing.
  • No leg bands on any of the products so that the garment gently tapers off, eliminating any bulges and unflattering lines under your clothes.
  • Shapewear that is tailor made to suit different shapes and problem areas.
  • Shapewear fabrics that are engineered to hold you in at certain places and smooth out in others, giving you a more natural, slimmer look.
  • All Spanx shapewear is made out of soft, luxurious yarns that are easy to wear on the skin and look great too.
  • Where possible, Spanx shapewear actually looks quite nice - lots of it is colourful and pretty, so your other half may not even realise your underwear is actually Spanx shapewear!
  • Funky, funny Spanx packaging to brighten your day and to make you smile!

Spanx are now the best selling shapewear worldwide. Helped along by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks and Gwyneth Paltrow being vocal Spanx fans, Spanx has taken off and has even (dare I say it) become...well...fashionable!

So Which Are The Best Spanx To Choose?

I get asked this question so much, and it is a bit of a tricky one. So I always answer it by telling you which are the best Spanx for ME!

I have 3 items of Spanx in my wardrobe that I absolutely love.

1. Spanx Higher Power. Okay, I have told a bit of a lie, I don't have 3 items, I have so many more as I have a ridiculous number of pairs of Spanx Higher Power. Why so many? Well I work in shapewear, what do you expect!! Actually, part of the reason is that Spanx keep on reinventing Spanx Higher Power and so I get a new pair with every change. I also have them in natural and black. And in a size medium and large, depending on whether or not I have stuck to my eating plan for a few months or not!

2. Spanx Leggings. The pair I have currently got is now wearing out as I have worn them so much. They are really expensive though (mine cost £89 eek!) so I can't replace or add to them as much as the Spanx Higher Power. However, I have had them and worn them sooo much for over 2 years, so in terms of value for money I am okay with it. They are my go to item when I need to throw on my school run mum outfit of leggings and a stripey tunic - yes I am one of THOSE mums!

3. Spanx Oncore Mid Thigh Bodysuit. I have only just got my grubby mitts on one of these as they are fairly new out. They replaced the Spanx Oncore Shapesuit which sadly never worked for me as my boobs were too big/floppy/sad. This new bodysuit does all the same tricks as the shapesuit but without the covered bust. You wear it with your own (slightly greying) bra and it is honestly quite brilliant. It makes me feel so much happier with my terribly lumpy figure. I'm back on my eating plan (weigh in 2 next week) but if that doesn't work out again, I'll be mainly wearing this Spanx Bodysuit under my Christmassy outfits this year!

Need any help choosing your Spanx shapewear? Get in touch with me and I will give you a hand x