what is the best shapewear

One question I have been asked sooo many times over the years is:

What Is The Best Shapewear?

My answer is always...

It Depends

Not very helpful, I know. I'd love to be able to say, just buy this one piece of shapewear everyone and you won't need anything else ever again. But that one piece of shapewear will be PERFECT for some, and really awful for others.

What Is My Best Shapewear?

I'm going to use me as a starting point. I'm a middling aged Mum with 2 young kids. I'm 5ft 9.5" tall and I yoyo between weighing 11st and 13st (yikes!). I've joined Slimming World 5 times, yes 5 TIMES! I've stuck to it twice and it worked - I actually got under 11st for the first time in my adult life. I'm back on it now - I'll let you know how it goes!

My problem areas are

My waist. I just don't really have one. I don't go in, just out. Even when I was fairly slim in the youth, I didn't really have a waist. I think it is called "short waisted", where you are basically missing a waist. Waist, where are you?

My middle area. Since having 2 kids, dieting and then putting on weight, not exercising half as much as I should, I have rolls around my middle. A bit like a wobbly doughnut.

My bottom. My bottom used to be lovely. All round and pert. My lifestyle has taken it's toll though. I sit on my bum far too much and exercise far too little. So all the oopmh has gone from it.

So, what I want from my shapewear is for it to pull me in at my waist, suck in and flatten all those rolls around my belly and hips. And to make my bum look less deflated.

Prior to this Summer, I swore by 2 pieces of shapewear.

The Esbelt Waist Cincher. This TRANSFORMS my waist from being non-existant into ooh-la-la! It is SUPER STRONG and pulls me into shape like NO OTHER SHAPEWEAR. Honestly it is goooood. If you are wanting to change your waist shape (and flatten your belly too) go for this.

Spanx Higher Power. You would not believe how many pairs of these I have in my drawers. They are so easy to throw on, work with pretty much most of my clothes and just hold it all in.

Hold The Phone

Spanx have brought out ANOTHER new piece of shapewear. Not another one I hear you cry! Yes, but this one is REALLY GOOD. It has taken the number 1 spot in my list of the best shapewear.

Drum Rolll Please...

It is the Spanx Oncore Open Bust Shapewear Bodysuit. It is EXTRA FIRM in control and it slims and firms your hips, thighs, bottom, tummy, waistline and back. It pulls you in at the waist, makes your belly so much flatter, and generally gets rid of those rolls and lumps around your middle section. It has BOOTY POCKETS (well Spanx are American) that help to lift up your sagging behind and give it shape and va-va-voom. You wear it with your own bra, so you get a great bust shape (hopefully, if you have a good bra) and it has shoulder straps to hold everything in place.

This style has replaced the old Spanx Oncore Shapesuit style # SS1715. This was an AMAZING piece of shapewear EXCEPT for the bust section. It just didn't fit that many people that well. So Spanx have basically removed this bit, tweaked a few other bits and come up with this brilliant bodysuit.

So, if you ask me what is your best shapewear, I would say it is the Spanx Oncore Open Bust Shapewear Bodysuit #10130R. It does everything I need it to. No, it isn't as strong as the Esbelt Waist Cincher (which I still do wear lots). No, it isn't as easy to throw on as the Spanx Higher Power. But it works WONDERS on me. I wear it on special occasions when I am wanting to look and feel my best.

What Is The Best Shapewear - Find Out What Is The Best Shapewear For You

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