how can i make myself look thinner in a dress

I don't want to mention the "C" word too soon, but the party season is just around the corner. I've been getting lots of emails asking about what shapewear works best under tight dresses.

So How Can You Make Yourself Look Thinner In A Dress?

Plan A

In order to make yourself look thinner, you basically need to lose weight and tone up. Of course, in an ideal world this is what you would do. But if you are anything like me, the diet and exercise always happens tomorrow. And tomorrow (for me at least) doesn't come around very often!

Plan B

The quick fix to looking thinner in your dress is to wear shapewear.

Smoothly Does It...

I'm going to go against the grain here and say, don't think about making yourself look thinner. Think about making yourself look SMOOTHER. A smooth line, no matter what size will always look better than a thin but lumpy line.

A Blank Canvas

Think of your body as a work of art. You need to start off with a blank canvas. This means you need to do some filling and blending. The filler and blender in this case is shapewear and your underwear. It needs to firm, smooth and taper away where it finishes. We don't want any harsh lines, no obvious seams, and no uncomfortable bits.

Shapewear that covers as much as your body as possible (whilst still hiding under your dress) is perfect here.

You want to create a smooth silhouette where your dress hangs beautifully - no clinging to odd bits or bunching where it shouldn't.

Knickers To You

If you are wearing shapewear under a very tight fitting dress, don't wear knickers too. This will create additional lines and bumpy bits that you don't need.

Tits Up

Unless your body is really well proportioned, steer clear of shapewear with a built in bra.

The best bra can take pounds off you. If your bust is sitting pretty, all nicely fitted and lifted in a brilliant bra, your figure will look so much better. You only get a good bra from a proper bra shop that does fittings. M&S, Rigby & Peller, Bravissimo are all superb.

I really do recommend that you steer clear of shapewear with a built in bra. These only work on people with perfect proportions. And let's face it, there are not many of those types of people around!

Tuck In

Where possible, you need to tuck your shapewear in. If you are wearing a bra with high waisted shapewear, tuck the top of the shapewear UNDER your bra. If you are wearing a shapewear vest or waist cincher, tuck the bottom hem of it into your knickers. This helps to create a smoother line and also helps to hold everything in place.

Layer It On

If you already have bought some shapewear but it is causing lumps and bumps under your dress, go for some layering. Add a long vest or slip to help give additional coverage and smoothness.

My Top Shapewear Recommendations For Looking Smoother (& Thinner) In A Dress

1. Spanx Oncore Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit. If you are looking for a bodysuit that does EVERYTHING, then look no further my friend. This bad boy is AMAZING. It is EXTRA FIRM in slimming control - so super duper strong. It is seamless, has tapered edges, covers your bra at the back. And the best bit is what it does to your bum - it has BOOTY POCKETS (very American I know) that slim, lift and shape your bum. Making it look rather devine in your oh so tight dress!

2. Spanx Thinstincts Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit. This bodysuit works SO well under dresses. It is made from super fine, almost paper thin material that really packs a good slimming punch. It is FIRM in slimming control and will slim and smooth your hips, thighs, bottom, tummy, waist, midriff and back. The back section comes over the top of your bra straps and firms up all those back bulges you often see under dresses.

3. Trinny and Susannah Body Smoother Dress. If you would prefer a skirt option, rather than shorts this dress is fab. It is EXTRA FIRM in slimming control and really helps to create a smooth line under your clothes. Like the Spanx, it has an open bust so you wear it with your own (hopefully very well fitting) bra.

4. Trinny and Susannah Magic Body Smoother Skirt. If you are wearing a strapless dress, you need something without shoulder straps. This slimming skirt is wonderful at sucking everything in from your mid thighs to just under your bust. Tuck the top bit under your strapless bra for a really smooth line under your dress.

5. Spanx Oncore Open Bust Panty Bodysuit. Choose this one if your skirt is really short. Having your shapewear peep under the hem of your dress is not a look we want to go for! This bodysuit is EXTRA FIRM in slimming control and will slim your hips, bottom, tummy, waist and midriff.

6. Spanx Higher Power. If all else fails, I always recommend Spanx Higher Power. These come in 2 styles - shorts or knicker leg briefs. They are high waisted, have seamless fronts and are super easy to wear. They will work with shorts skirts (well the briefs will) and strapless dresses. Tuck the top of them under your bra for a great fit.

how can I make myself look thinner and smoother in a dress shapewear

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