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All About The Spanx Thinstincts Shapewear Range

The Spanx Thinstincts collection is a wonderful range of shapewear.

Materially Speaking

The fabric used is incredibly fine and almost feels like papery silk. However, please don't be misled by this description as it certainly won't tear and is firm enough to really slim and smooth you. The fine fabric is what sets this Spanx range apart though. It is excellent to wear under the thinnest, tightest dresses as it fits like a glove and will remain completely invisible. Even the edges are laser cut with no hem, banding or binding which helps them to lie completely flat against your skin.

Too Darn Hot

The Thinstincts range is really the one to look at if you usually get too hot wearing shapewear. The fabric used is ever so cool, breathable and thin, so you won't feel like you are wearing a hot and sticky layer. This is especially good if you are wearing your shapewear in a hot nightclub or somewhere lovely and warm abroad.

Seamlessly Does It

The Thinstincts range is pretty much seamfree. There are a couple of very discreet, ultra flat sewn seams here and there, but they should not bother you in the slightest.

The Spanx Thinstincts UK Collection

The absolute star of the Spanx Thinstincts show is the Spanx Thinstincts Open Bust Bodysuit. This is a wonderfully powerful firm control slimming bodysuit that will create the sleekest, smoothest line under the tightest of dresses. And because you wear it with your own bra, you get a superb fit.

Spanx Thinstincts Open Bust Bodysuit

 If you are looking for the sleekest, smoothest shorts to go under your clothes, the Spanx Thinstincts shorts range is for you. They are firm in control, so will make a super difference to your figure. But the fabric will stay well hidden and not create lines or ridges where it finishes.

Spanx Thinstincts High Waisted Shorts Spanx Thinstincts Waistline Shorts Spanx Thinstincts Girl Shorts

Finally, if you are planning on wearing a super tight top and want to hide your lumps and bumps, especially on your back, have a look at the Spanx Thinstincts Tops. These are medium in control and are designed to help create a smooth line under your tops.

Spanx Thinsincts Slimming Tank Top Spanx Thinstincts Slimming Camisole Top


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As always, if you are stuck choosing your shapewear just get in touch with me. I will give you lots of helpful and friendly advice to help you pick the perfect piece of shapewear.