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We get lots of emails from customers asking for help. One that comes up week in week out is the issue of tight waistbands and overhanging bulges know as the dreaded MUFFIN TOP!

Fortunately, there are some quick and easy solutions that don't involve eating less, exercise or getting bigger jeans.

For those of us who struggle with waistbands that dig in, belly bulges and overhang (I know I do!) high waisted shapewear is your friend. It used to have a bit of a bad reputation as it did have a tendancy to roll down, rendering it a bit useless. Fortunately, good work has been done by all of the big shapewear brands and they now make high waisted shapewear that STAYS IN PLACE!

My Favourite High Waisted Shapewear

My favourite piece of high waisted shapewear that I always wear with my jeans is the Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Short (Spanx style 2745).

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Shorts - My Favourites For Hiding Muffin Top

I love love love these as they are so soft and comfortable to wear. They are made from a sort of compression hosiery type fabric and are SEAMLESS apart from the inner thigh (they didn't used to be, they used to have an awful center seam). They are FIRM in slimming control and really firm and slim your hips, thighs, bottom, tummy, waist and midriff. They suck everything in giving you a slimmer, smoother figure and they STOP THE MUFFIN TOP. They also give your bum a nice bit of shape and have an opening gusset (so you don't need to pull them down to use the loo). Spanx have added a no-slip strip in the inside at the top to help them grip and stay in place.

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Short - No-Slip Strip To Hold It In Place

If you are not wanting the shorts style, Spanx do the same product but with a knicker leg called the Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Brief (Spanx style 2746). These work in exactly the same way but without the leg coverage or opening gusset. These are excellent under short skirts as they ensure nothing gets flashed AND they help the waistband to fit nicely.

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper Briefs - Superb Under Short Skirts

And Now For Something Stronger

If you are looking for something super strong, Miraclesuit do an AMAZING pair high waisted shorts called Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Thigh Shaper With Back Magic (Miraclesuit style 2919).

Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control High Waisted Thigh Shaper With Back Magic - With Hidden Boning

These are EXTRA FIRM in slimming control and really do pack a slimming punch. They REALLY slim and firm your hips, thighs, bottom, tummy, waist and midriff and help to banish any waistband overhang. The gusset on these is a closed one (not everyone is a fan of the opening gusset) and they do have very discreet flat, sewn seams. The amazing thing about these shorts though is they have HIDDEN BONING. Yes, shorts with boning. It is so lightweight and discreet that you almost don't realise it is there. What it does is to REALLY help to slim your waist and midriff (like a waist cincher) and it ensures that the top of the shorts don't move. I really do love Miraclesuit.

I Still Don't Think High Waisted Shapewear Will Work For Me

I do know that in the past some of you have had bad experiences with high waisted shapewear. It doesn't work for everyone, especially if your rib cage is wider or narrower than your dress size. If you are not convinced high waisted shapewear will stay in place on you, try the Spanx Oncore range. Spanx have made a high waisted short and a high waisted brief that attaches to your OWN BRA.

Spanx OnCore Build Your Own Bodysuit Briefs - Attaches To Your Own BraSpanx Oncore Build Your Own Bodysuit Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts - Attaches To Your Bra

It comes with little straps that you loop round your bra which holds everything perfectly in place, just like a full bodysuit. Both styles are EXTRA FIRM in slimming control, SEAMLESS and give your bum an AMAZING shape. They are a bit more pricey that the other options, but honestly they are amazing. I wear the Spanx Oncore Build Your Own Bodysuit Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts (Spanx style SS1915) on nights out when I'm wanting to look A-MAY-ZING and will be doing lots of crazy dancing. It slims, firms, nips, tucks and SHAPES like no other shapewear. And because it attaches to your bra it doesn't roll down.

Spanx Oncore Extra Firm Control Build Your Own Bodysuit - Attaches To Your Own Bra

My Top Tips On Wearing High Waisted Shapewear

  1. Always put in on when you are nice and dry. If you attempt to put in on straight out of the shower it will make you cry. If you are in a hurry either dry your body with a hairdryer or use some talc.

  2. Put it on like you are putting on a pair of tights. These are LOOONG pieces of shapewear and so you need to roll them up and step into them. Work them up your body and then roll up and down.

  3. You don't need to wear knickers underwear high waisted shapewear. If you do you may find it ruins the silhouette and you will feel hotter than you need to. Also, wearing knickers renders the opening gusset useless.

  4. Make sure you "seat" your high waisted shapewear. This involves getting the bottom in just the right place. If you don't you will find it will drag down your body and you start to move around. It is best to almost give yourself a wedgie with your shapewear to start with. Pull them up a little higher over your bottom than you think you should. Then do a VERY VIGOROUS WIGGLE to get them to move to their natural place.

  5. If the shapewear is long enough at the top, tuck in UNDER your bra. The easiest way to do this is to put your shapewear on BEFORE your bra. Pull it up to wear you are happy with it and then put on your bra. By having it tucked under your bra it not only creates a smoother line under your clothes, it also gives it a little bit more anchorage making it less lightly to move.

  6. As with ALL SHAPEWEAR, buy it in the SIZE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, not the size you would like to be! If your shapewear is too small it won't fit you properly, it will create bulges where it finishes and it is more likely to roll down when you move around.

  7. When buying high waisted shapewear, make sure there is something at the top to help hold it in place. This can be a no-slip strip, some sort of lining, hidden boning or straps.

  8. Have a think about the types of outfit you are wanting to wear your shapewear with. If it is mainly for under jeans and trousers you don't need to worry too much about whether or not the gusset opens. If you are planning on wearing it under things like dresses and catsuits, where it is harder to pull things down, definitely look for high waisted shapewear with an opening gusset.

  9. Look for high waisted shapewear that gives you SHAPE as well as slimming control. This is where the good shapewear brands really excel, especially Spanx and Miraclesuit. They understand that you not only want a SLIM BOTTOM, you also want a SHAPELY BOTTOM. (*whispers* we can spot who is wearing cheap shapewear a mile off as it gives you a really flat MONO-BUM).

  10. If you know your body isn't terribly in proportion and you measure quite big or small around your rib cage (think pear shaped figures especially), you should avoid the classic high waisted shapewear shorts and give the Spanx Oncore Build Your Own Bodysuits a go.

If you are unsure which shapewear to choose or need any help with sizing please do contact us. We give lots of detailed advice which we hope will help you choose the perfect piece of shapewear x

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Happy Shapewear Shopping!

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