how to get a bigger bum does my bum look big in this

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Many moons ago when I was young, it was all about making your bum look as tiny as possible. The question of the day was "does my bum look big in this?". The answer back then was hopefully "No!".

These days, if you get asked the question "does my bum look big in this?" the hoped for answer is "Yes!". Times have changed - for the better in my big bottomed opinion!

Flat Bottomed Girls

Sadly we are not all blessed with a nicely rounded tush. Life style, dieting and age all play their mean part in this. If you sit around on your bum all day long and do no exercise, the chances are your bum is going to look a little flat. Dieting can also take away the delicious plumpness of a well-nourished behind. And age - sadly all things eventually go the way that gravity dictates. And that is down.

Does Your Mum Have A Good Bum?

Genetics also play a huge part in the shape of your bottom. Some people are just incredibly lucky - if your Mum has a great behind, the chances are you will have one too. Certain countries seem to have been blessed with big bottoms - and sadly the UK isn't one of them!

So what can you do if your bum doesn't look big, round and all perky like Pippa Middletons, J-Lo's or Kim Kardashian's?

Fake It!

The wise ones who make shapewear have caught onto the trend towards the bigger bum. You can now buy a bigger bottom - and no we are not talking about cosmetic surgery. We are talking padded knickers, bum boosting pants and bum pads. This is the equivalent of wearing a padded bra - but for your bottom!

So What Is The Best Bum Boosting Shapewear?

Over the last few years we have seen several types of bum boosting shapewear come and go. They have been wrong for all kinds of reasons, but the main one was they didn't look or feel natural.

Finally we have found some that look natural, feel natural and are really comfortable to wear - just like normal knickers.

You Beauty!

Let me introduce you to The Booty Beauty Braza Padded Bum Boosted Pants:

Booty Beauty Braza Padded Bum Booster Pants

The Booty Beauty is shaped like a pair of normal, full bottomed, waistline knickers. They have sewn in pads at the back that have a superb shape and a very natural feel. They will fill out your jeans beautifully, emphasizing and enhancing your bottom. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and have a cotton gusset. They will increase the size of your bottom, giving it a much bigger, rounder, more perky look. And if any cheeky person is tempted to pinch your bum, they won't realise you are wearing bum boosting shapewear as they feel very natural.

An added bonus of wearing the Booty Beauty Bum Booster Pants is that they make uncomfortable seats and long car journeys much nicer - it is like you have brought along your own cushion!

Is There An Alternative To Padded Pants?

We do appreciate that not everyone wants to wear bum pads. Sometimes it is better to wear something that just enhances what you already have. Lots of our shapewear has added bum shaping built in. The Spanx Oncore shapewear range is especially good for this.

Spanx OnCore Build Your Own Bodysuit Briefs - Bum ShapingSpanx OnCore Build Your Own Bodysuit Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts - Bum Shaping

Spanx OnCore Extra Firm Control Panty Bodysuit - Bum ShapingSpanx OnCore Extra Firm Control Shapesuit - Bum Shaping

It's A Miracle!

However, if you are wanting something that specifically focuses on your bottom, try the Miraclesuit Bum Booster Shorts.

Miraclesuit Sexy Sheer Rear Lifting Bum Booster Shorts

It's A Push Up Bra For Your Bottom!

These are amazing little shorts that have a band that wraps underneath your bottom, lifting it up and giving it loads of shape. This works like a push up bra, but for your butt cheeks! An added advantage of the Miraclesuit Bum Booster Shorts is that they are EXTRA FIRM in slimming control. This means they will REALLY SLIM your hips, thighs and belly bugles. What more can you ask for from your shapewear?!

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