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When they work, Spanx are a wonderous thing. They secretly, discreetly slim you down and shape you up, giving you smoother curves where you didn't realise you had them. However, when they don't work they are uncomfortable, annoying and a general pain to wear.

So how do you get your Spanx to work perfectly for you?


Click on our Spanx page and you will see so many different styles of Spanx. Don't panic! Take a deep breath and have a think about your body shape and what you want your Spanx to do.

Think about any limitations your body shape may have. If you have a tiny waist and enormous boobs, there is no way a full bodysuit is going to fit you properly. Look at the open bust range of bodysuits which incorporate your own bra into the style.

Spanx OnCore Extra Firm Control Open Bust Panty BodysuitSpanx Thinstincts Open Bust Mid Thigh Shaping BodysuitSpanx Shape My Day Open Bust Slimming Slip

If you have really big hips but a very small rib cage, you will need to avoid high waisted styles, as it will be impossible to fit both your hips and ribs. Look at high waisted styles with additional straps, or open busted bodysuits and shapewear slips.

Spanx OnCore Extra Firm Control Build Your Own Bodysuit BriefsSpanx OnCore Build Your Own Bodysuit Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts

If your dress or top is strapless, you will need to look at the styles that don't cover over the bra line - either high waisted styles or the build your own bodysuits.

Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaper ShortsSpanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaping Briefs

If you are planning on wearing your Spanx under a very short skirt or dress, go for a girl short (very short legs) or a knicker leg style. There are lots to choose from and they will save you the embarrassment of flashing your Spanx if your skirt lifts up!

Spanx Shape My Day Slimming Girl ShortsSpanx Everyday Shaping Panties Boy ShortSpanx Undietectable Lace Slimming Hipster Panties

If you are wanting to wear shapewear but still look pretty, Spanx even had that covered! Their range of Spanx Undietectable Shapewear is so pretty. And it slims you pretty nicely too!

Spanx Undietectable Lace Slimming Control ThongSpanx Undietectable Lace Slimming PantiesSpanx Undietectable Lace High Hipster Panty

If you are wanting to really pull out all the stops and make a BIG DIFFERENCE to your figure, you need to go for the EXTRA FIRM CONTROL styles in the Spanx Oncore range. These really do give you a much slimmer figure with a lot of shape and curve.

Spanx OnCore Extra Firm Control ShapesuitSpanx OnCore Extra Firm Control Panty BodysuitSpanx OnCore Build Your Own Bodysuit Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts

If you are unsure which Spanx to look at, please do contact me. I love giving shapewear advice and I'm always happy to help. Just give me details about your shape, size and any special outfit requirements.


Please, please check the Spanx size charts before you buy a pair of Spanx. These have been honed by Spanx over time and do work for the majority of people.

SPANX TIP: Always choose your Spanx according to your CURRENT SIZE, not what you would like it to be.

This is where most people go wrong with buying Spanx. They usually buy it in too small a size. This DOES NOT make you look any smaller. What it does do is squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste and give you bulges and bumps where they should not be.

The right size Spanx will taper off where it finishes (for example on the thighs where the legs end). This leaves you with a smooth line under your clothes and a much more comfy pair of Spanx!


We have all heard bathroom horror stories about the double open flap gusset thingy that most Spanx are made with. This is basically like a man's y-front. There are no fastenings on it, it sorts of spreads open when you sit down on the loo. This is a brilliant idea as you don't have any bulky fastenings or hooks and eye to contend with.

ICKY SPANX TIP: You do need to spread the fabric open a bit yourself otherwise you may end up weeing on your Spanx. And you also need to make sure your "wee bits" are positioned correctly. Just use a bit of common sense and don't rely on the opening opening up correctly.


What ever you do, DON'T put your Spanx on straight after a shower. Let your body cool down and bit and completely dry off. Putting Spanx on damp, hot skin is akin to putting on skinny jeans after going swimming. It is a horrid experience.

SPANX TIP: Cool yourself down before putting on your Spanx and use a little bit of talc to smooth and dry your skin.

Take your time putting your Spanx on. Put them on a bit like a pair of tights where possible. Roll them into an O shape and work them up your legs. Then roll the legs down and pull the body up.


When you put on your Spanx, you need to "seat" your bottom in them. This involves pulling them up quite high over your bottom. Not quite as high as giving yourself a wedgie, but higher than you would think.

SPANX TIP: Once you have your Spanx on, do a really big wiggle using your arms and legs wildly. This helps your Spanx to settle into a natural, comfortable position.

Lots of Spanx styles now have additional "bum shaping" built into them. This is where the fabric is zoned to help push up your bottom. This makes it look much rounder and more perky - gone are those uni-bum flat bum shapers of yester year!


The high waisted versions of Spanx are brilliant most of the time. However, if they don't fit you perfectly around your rib cage they can start to roll down over time.

Choose your high waisted Spanx with slip-strips inside the waistband. This helps your Spanx to grip to your skin and hopefully not slide down.

SPANX TIP: Tuck the top of the Spanx underneath your bra. Think vest in pants. This helps to hold it in place and actually gives you a much smoother line under your clothes.

If you have struggled with high waisted shapewear in the past then have a look at the Spanx Build Your Own Bodysuits. This is high waisted shapewear that you attach to your own bra. This holds it very firmly in place and you don't need to worry about slippage.

Have a read of my How To Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down post for lots more quick fixes and tips to stop your Spanx from rolling down!


Spanx are pretty good at not clinging to clothes. However, some people are just more prone to static electricity. This really can ruin the look of your outfit if your dress "sticks" to your Spanx.

SPANX TIP: Get a tumble drier sheet and rub it all over your Spanx and the inside of your dress. This will get rid of the static electricity and your dress will hang nicely.


Go all celebrity and wear TWO pairs of Spanx together. This is a well known Hollywood trick and it really does give you a super firm look. Kim Kardashian says she wears 2 pairs of Spanx Higher Power under body con dresses. We do only recommend this for very special occasions as it can feel very restrictive. You will look pretty AMAZING though!


If you are wearing Spanx you don't need to wear knickers. These just add bulk, lines and as they are an extra layer, can make you feel too hot. Spanx gussets are cotton lined and so can be easily worn in place of undies. The obvious exceptions to this are the shapewear slips - knickers are optional here!


I always recommend that you HAND WASH and LINE DRY your Spanx. Yes, it does say that they are machine washable on some of the labels. However, heat and friction DESTROYS Spandex/Elastane. I know hand washing is a bit of a PITA. But to keep your Spanx working their slimming magic for as long as possible, you really should hand wash them!

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