Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review

Spanx Higher Power Briefs - The Details

Brand: Spanx
Retail Price: £33.00
Slimming Strength: Firm Control
Style #: Spanx 234

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Spanx Higher Power Briefs - My Review

When I used to own only a pair of the Spanx Higher Power Magic Knickers I always used to be flashing my Spanx when I wore above the knee length skirts and dresses. I was obviously not alone, judging by the amount of paparazzi shots of celebrities caught showing their Spanx. Fortunately, Spanx responded by bringing out a knicker leg version in the form of Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Briefs.

The Briefs come in a neat blue packet with a lovely Spanx lady on the front.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Packaging

When I took my pair out of the packaging they look quite small and crumply! Please be assured though that this is how they arrive NEW. They will smooth and stretch out lots and lots! The shape is a bit odd too – kind of bottom heavy and almost bell shaped.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Front View

The briefs are split up into 2 sections. The main body and the knickers. The main body is made from a very strong but stretchy hosiery type fabric. It has a flat sewn seam down the front (pictured below) and similar down the back.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Center Seam

The knicker section is made from 81% cotton with 19% spandex. This is much smoother and softer to wear – and it is always nice to wear cotton knickers!

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Cotton Knicker Section

The knicker legs are cut reasonably high and are binded with stretchy, sewn elastic. There is a lot of give in the seams to stop them from digging in and creating VPL. However, I think if the briefs are on the small side the seams may dig in a little bit.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Legs

The gusset is non-opening so you need to pull the briefs down to use the loo. It is lined with cotton which makes them very hygienic and comfortable to wear in place of your own knickers.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Cotton Gusset

The waistband is 1 inch wide and is made from very stretchy elastic. It is sort of wobbly and is designed to grip around your ribcage (without silicone like lots of others) and stay in place. If you find your waistband doesn’t stay in place it usually means you have bought the wrong size – both too big and too small will roll down.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Waistband

The back of the briefs is similar to the front – it is made from the same fabric and has the same seam down the center. From the top of the waistband to the bottom my size B measured 19.5 inches in length. The body measured 12 inches and the bottom measured 9.5 inches. This measurements are taken from a non-stretched pair. Due to the stretchy nature of these types of Spanx they will really stretch up and out.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Back View

Okay, this last photo has nothing to do with the review but I do like the funny cartoon inserts that Spanx put into a lot of their packaging!

Spanx Higher Power Briefs Review Funny Insert

Pros: What I Like About The Spanx Higher Power Briefs

  • They come in a blue packet with a Miss Moneypenny styled lady on the front wearing her Spanx!
  • They are quite long, bell shaped and wonky looking when you get them out of the packet, but don’t worry they are supposed to look like this!
  • They have a normal knicker leg so are the perfect solution to wearing shapewear with shorter skirts and dresses.
  • The fabric is lovely and stretchy and soft.
  • They are excellent at holding you in around the waist which makes tight waistbands feel much more comfortable.
  • They don’t feel too constrictive and are fairly light to wear – you don’t end up feeling to hot and bothered.
  • You don’t have to wear your normal knickers underneath. They have a cotton gusset and it feels just like wearing knickers.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About The Spanx Higher Power Briefs

  • They have a closed gusset so you have to pull them fully down to use the loo. This is a bit of a struggle when you are wearing a skirt as you have to completely re-adjust yourself afterwards!
  • The seams down the front and back aren’t completely flat, so they do show through light and tight fabrics.
  • I think the knicker legs would dig in a bit if you carry much weight on your bum and hips. The ends have quite thick sewing which could create VPL.
  • The waistband bit that is supposed to stay put at the top did slip down on me a bit. I think I needed a bigger size.

How To Put The Spanx Higher Power Briefs On

These are one of the more straightforward pieces of shapewear to put on. Sit down and step into the knickers. Get the knicker section sitting correctly on your bottom before you attempt to get the body in place. Once you are ready, roll up the body – don’t pull from the waistband as you may stretch it in the wrong way. Scootch the fabric up your body until the waistband is sitting comfortably somewhere between your ribs and bra.

Once you have got them on, like all shapewear, give yourself a good shimmy and a shuffle. Now you can get dressed x

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