Spanx Higher Power New & Slimproved Review

Spanx Higher Power New & Slimproved - The Details

Brand: Spanx
Retail Price: £33.00
Slimming Strength: Firm Control
Product #: 409

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Spanx Higher Power New & Slimproved - My Review

The Spanx New & Slimproved Higher Power comes in a lovely, smart blue and red box with the totally gorgeous Spanx ladies on the front.

Spanx Higher Power Review Packaging

Out of the box the Higher Power look quite small and a bit wrinkly (the ones we photographed were brand new straight from Spanx!). Please do not worry, they stretch an unbelievable amount, and the wrinkles completely vanish once on your body.

Spanx Higher Power Review Packet

Laid flat, okay they look EVEN SMALLER. Yikes! Honestly they do stretch. The fabric is a lovely, soft hosiery type fabric which is incredibly comfy to wear. Across the front there is extra strength with a strong tummy control panel.

Spanx Higher Power Review Front View

Down the centre is a seam. This looks quite prominent when they are off the body, but it does stretch and smooth out once it is on your body. Once on it should be almost invisible and should not interfere with your outfit. There is an almost identical one down the centre at the back too. These are the only seams on the entire garment.

Spanx Higher Power Review Center Seam

The legs look REALLY narrow (the size B measures only 4 inches side to side). Again (sorry to keep on repeating myself), they stretch LOADS. They are made from a super soft double layered hosiery type fabric. The legs end in a “fold” of fabric, rather than a hem or binding. This makes them sort of taper away against your thighs and they won’t cause bulging or lines where they finish. There are no seams on the legs.

Spanx Higher Power Review Legs

The gusset is an opening one, lined with cotton. It is a sort of flap (a bit like a mans y-front) which you open when you need the loo. It doesn’t have hooks and eyes or press studs.

Spanx Higher Power Review Gusset

The waistband looks wobbly and a bit uneven. This is intentional. It helps to fit the shape of your ribcage and stay there without any straps or silicone lining (like lots of other brands have).

Spanx Higher Power Review Waistband

The back of the Higher Power looks similar to the front, with a centre seam (very flat). It has shaping around the bottom, which helps to slim and define your bum nicely!

Spanx Higher Power Review Back View

Pros: What I Like About The Spanx Higher Power

  • They are made from the original soft hosiery type fabric.
  • They are really comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • They have a wobbly waistband that stays in place around your ribs without straps (no silicone).
  • The seams give strength and they are very very flat, so once they stretch out on your body they should pretty much disappear.
  • The legs are not banded or binded. They taper away and should lie completely flat against your thighs.
  • They have an opening cotton gusset so you don’t need to pull them down to use the loo!

Cons: What I Don’t Like About The Spanx Higher Power

  • They do look scarily small – PLEASE believe us when we say they do stretch to fit!
  • The hosiery fabric can snag on nails and jewellery – a bit like thick tights do.
  • Not everyone likes the Spanx double flap opening gusset (a bit like a mans y-front).

How To Put On A Pair Of Spanx Higher Power

Go to the loo first (we hate getting our Spanx on and then needing a wee!).

Make sure your body is dry. We recommend not using moisturiser as this doesn’t help getting them on.

Sit down and roll one leg up into an o-shape, like you are putting on a pair of tights. Put one foot in and work it up to your mid thighs. Repeat with the second leg. Now stand up and “seat” the bottom, so it feels comfortable and the gusset is in the right place (not sagging down!). Roll up the rest of the Spanx up your body until the wobbly waistband is sitting somewhere around your ribs. Where it sits depends on the length of your body but for most people it should be an inch or 2 below your bra. Roll down the thighs so they are sitting smoothly.

Now do a big shimmy and shake around the room. This isn’t to make you look daft, it is to get the Spanx sitting naturally and comfortably so you can wear them all night long!

Now get dressed (glass of wine optional!) x

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