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All About Spanx Control Pants

Spanx Control Pants are super pieces of shapewear. They REALLY focus on tummy control and will help to flatten and tame your belly bulges brilliantly.

High Or Low Waist?

The control pants style varies between high waisted and low waisted.

High Waist

High waisted control pants are excellent if you carry a lot of weight around your middle and have a tendancy to develop a muffin top (waistband overhang) in jeans and trousers. They envelope everything from your bottom up to just under your bra.

Top High Waisted Shapewear Tip

Tuck the top of your high waisted shapewear UNDER YOUR BRA. Most people can do this - it doesn't work if you are very tall though as the pants won't reach right up. It does work for the majority of us, me included at 5ft 9".

Low Waist

Low waisted shapewear is super easy and comfortable to wear. It is like putting on a really good pair of very supportive knickers. If you are wanting to blitz away your tummy and firm up your bottom, them a pair of low waisted control pants will work well for you.

Slimming Level

Spanx control pants come in all the slimming levels (except maximum boned strength), so you have a good choice.

Extra Firm Spanx Control Pants

The Spanx Oncore High Waisted Briefs SS1815 are in the extra firm control range. This is super strong and will help to not only slim you, but give you lots of shape too. These are not the easiest shapewear to put on, it will be a bit of a struggle to get them up. But persevere, it is worth it! They will flatten your tummy, cinch in your waist and really shape up your bottom (the best bit in my opinion!).

Spanx Oncore High Waisted Brief SS1815 - Extra Firm Spanx Control Pants

Firm Spanx Control Pants

The Spanx Higher Power Briefs 2746 are one of our absolute best sellers. These are high waisted in style and firm in control. They will slim and smooth your bottom, hips, tummy, waist and midriff. They are very lightweight and stretchy and so so can wear them comfortably for long periods of time.

Spanx Higher Power Briefs - Firm Spanx Control Pants


Spanx Spotlight On Lace High Waisted Or Low Waisted Briefs are the prettiest shapewear you have ever seen. They have a very firm tummy control panel that really help to disguise any tummy rolls of belly bulges. The high waisted style helps to slim your waist and create a lovely slim silhouette under your clothes. The low waisted style is perfect under low backed dresses (especially wedding dresses!) and helps to firm up your hips and bottom too.

Spanx Spotlight On Lace Firm Control Briefs - Firm Spanx Control Pants Spanx Spotlight On Lace Waistline Briefs - Firm Spanx Control Pants

The Spanx Everyday Control Briefs SS0715 are a lovely, easy pair of control pants to wear. They work perfectly in place of your normal knickers and firm everything up really nicely. They are an absolute bargain too at only £20! Yes, Spanx for £20!!!

Spanx Everyday Briefs - Firm Spanx Control Pants

Medium Spanx Control Pants

I'm completely in love with the Spanx Undietectable shapewear range. There are 2 pairs of control pants in this collection, both of which are gorgeous to look at and help to create a lovely smooth line under your clothes.

The Spanx Undietectable Control Briefs SP0215 are SMOOOOTH and sleek. They will sit under the tightest trousers, firming up your tummy and remaining completely hidden away.

Spanx Undietectable Brief - Medium Spanx Control Pants


The Spanx Undietectable Lace Panty SP0415 are deliciously lacey and pretty. They have a medium control slimming band that wraps around your tummy and back, firming up everything nicely. The bottom and front is made from the prettiest lace - soft and stretchy lace though, not at all itchy or scratchy!

Spanx Undietectable Lace Panties - Medium Spanx Control Pants


Not Quite What You Were Looking For?

Spanx Shapewear Control Briefs

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