The First Rule Of Dieting

The First Rule Of Dieting

Everyone knows the first rule of dieting is to empty your fridge. And your cupboards. And those tins of chocolates hidden away from the kids.
Why Am I Doing This At 2am

Why Am I Doing This At 2am?

I'm a dreadful sleeper. I always have been, but recently it has got a lot worse.

In theory, it should be getting better. My youngest is now 2 and doesn't wake up quite so much in the night any more.
The Real Bun In The Oven

The Real Bun In The Oven

A was given a metaphorical slap in the face the other day. I bumped into a friend who I don't see very often and she squealed "eek, your pregnant again!".
Chocolate Valentines Day Card

Chocolate, My One True Love

Happy Valentine's Day to all fellow chocolate lovers out there. I hope all your chocolate dreams come true x
slimming world walk of shame

The Slimming World Walk Of Shame

2 years ago I lost a decent amount of weight on Slimming World. I let things slip and slide and now I'm back at Square One. I've got to get back to Slimming World before I start wearing my old maternity clothes again!