best shapewear to hide love handles

What Is The Best Shapewear To Hide My Love Handles?

Love Handles, haunches, those sticky out bits above your hips. Love handles are a cute way of describing that annoying bit of your body that lives above your hips and just under your waist. They are quite a tricky part of the body to slim.
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shapewear flatter stomach tummy control

How Do I Get My Stomach Flat - Fast?

I received an email the other day asking "how do I get my stomach flat fast?"

Well, it depends on what you mean by fast. If you have several days or weeks to work on it, there are lots of things you can do.

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Why I Think Waist Cinchers Are Great

I Like My Thick Waist...Said No Woman Ever

Hi, I'm Miranda and I was born without a waist. This little talked about affliction blights the lives of many women. We suffer in silence, wearing baggy tops and boyfriend jumpers. Tight, figure-hugging clothing makes us inwardly weep with rage, jealously and dread.
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5 Cheeky Tricks To Stop Your Spanx From Rolling Down

How To Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down - My Top Tips & Tricks!

There is nothing worse than that feeling of your shapewear starting to roll down. Read my quick bathroom fixes to stop your shapewear from ruining your evening!
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what shapewear to wear under jeans

The Best Shapewear To Wear Under Jeans

I have a problem. My absolute favourite jeans from last Winter don't blumming well fit. I can get them on (just about) but the zip keeps on coming down and the waistband is really tight. I don't want to buy another pair (yes I'm going back on a wretched diet until the weekend Christmas) as I love love love these jeans.

My solution of course is...

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shapewear can be pretty

Introducing The Prettiest Shapewear In Town!

Let's face it, none of us like wearing ugly knickers. It just doesn't give us a good feeling, knowing that lurking under our clothes is something that looks monstrous. Big old granny pants used to be the only option when it came to shapewear. Not any more! Enter REALLY PRETTY shapewear.
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hide muffin top with shapewear

Help! My Jeans Are Too Tight And I've Got A Muffin Top Overhang!

We get lots of emails from customers asking for help. One that comes up week in week out is the issue of tight waistbands and overhanging bulges know as the dreaded MUFFIN TOP!
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pregnancy shapewear is is really safe to wear spanx when you are pregnant

Pregnancy Shapewear: Is It Really Safe To Wear Spanx When You Are Pregnant?

Shapewear for pregnant women! Are you mad? No we are not. This is all about making life as comfortable as possible for you pregnant ladies - and there is no hiding or slimming your beautiful baby bump involved!
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black shapewear

The Best Black Shapewear - Black Is Back!

For months now we have sold shapewear in natural, nude, pink, white and vintage rose with barely a hint of black. As soon as the nights start drawing in and the weather turns cool the demand for black shapewear returns
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help choosing shapewear

I Need Some Shapewear But I've No Idea Where To Start!

There is so much shapewear out there to look at, all claiming to perform miracles. Some of it is dirt cheap and some of it is sooo expensive. And there are so many brands and styles I understand why it could make you go arrrghhh!
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my favourite spanx

My Favourite Spanx

Find out which are my absolute most favourite Spanx...
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how to train your waist top tips

Waist Training - Top Tips On How To Train Your Waist

Waist training is the process by which you gradually reduce the natural size of your waist through high compression. Use a waist trainer or waist cincher to take inches off your waist. Read my help, advice and top tips on waist training.
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