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All About Firm Control Shapewear

Firm Control Shapewear is super stuff. It is strong enough to make a good difference to your figure - lots of firm tummy control and thigh shaping. At the same time it is really comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Firm Control Shapewear Will...

  • firm up your wobbly bits. It is especially good for tummy control and should make your tummy bulges look LOADS flatter.
  • smooth you out. It will help to create a lovely smooth line under your clothes.
  • be reasonably easy to put on. As firm control shapewear has a bit more give than extra firm or maximum control shapewear, it will stretch more and therefore not be so much of a fight to get on (and off!).
  • be easy to wear for long periods of time. If you are going to a long event like a wedding or if you have to eat a big meal whilst wearing your shapewear, go for firm control. You shouldn't really know you are wearing firm control shapewear and so you might make it through the day and night without a dash to the bathroom to take them off!

Firm Control Shapewear Won't...

  • completely transform your shape. If you are wanting a huge transformation you will need to go for EXTRA FIRM or MAXIMUM control shapewear.